results of first blood test when T4 glucose and full bloods are taken

how long should it take for blood test results to come through after you have been tested for thyroid problems

full blood count


and T4

were taken

my friend has been told it will take 2 weeks

I am sure when I was diagnosed I knew within a few days of my bloods been taken

thank you for your help as my friend is very low and just needs to know

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  • 123hih123.

    Those tests would be with my GP next day. GP would want 48 hours to review them and then, if they are normal, they will be available to me.

  • Thankyou clutter that's what I thought I think is is unreasonable to wait 2 weeks

    Especially as she is waiting to be diagnosed

  • 123hih123,

    In fairness, mine is a large practice and there is probably a rota to review results. A one or two person practice will need longer.

  • I know health teams are under greatly under staffed but do you thinks 2 weeks is reasonable to wait

  • 123hih123,

    Well obviously not at my practice where I know the standard is next day but if I moved to a smaller practice I would have to be guided by what they can provide.

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