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T3 how much how often

Finally received my order of T3 But I'm unsure of how much I should take I'm waiting for the latest blood results I'll be picking them up hopefully on Friday, when I called to ask for my results I was told by the reception staff GP marked them normal, which I know is wrong as I am still suffering from extreme fatigue insomnia are just some I remember I'm sure I'm brain dead.

I'm taking Levo 50mcg at night

These are the bloods I have done in August

Serum free T4 level 18.4 pmo1/L (11.0 -25.0)

Thyroid function test

Serum TSH level 1 . 12 Mu/L (0.27 – 4.20)

Serum free T4 level 18’4 pmo1/L (11.0 -25.0)

Serum vitamin B12 615 ng/L (180 – 900)

Serum folate 2.9 ug/L (> 4.5) Low

The End

I will post new when I get them from my GP.

Thank you for taking the time to read and help.


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redchud Hopefully you've had FT3 tested, you need both FT3 and FT4 to know how much T3 will be needed.

Have you had Vit D and ferritin tested as well as B12 and folate? Are you addressing your low folate? Low ferritin can cause fatigue.

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Start with a quarter tablet (6.25mcg) added to Levothyroxine to see how you tolerate it for a week or two. If you need to increase you can add a second 6.25mcg dose. You should stick at 12.5mcg for 6-8 weeks and have a thyroid test including FT3 before increasing further.

Folate is deficient. Your GP should prescribe 5mg folic acid.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply not been very well .

Thank you for the response

My Folic acid is under control I've been on medication fro about six months my GP has refused my request for T3 blood test, on previous posts I have a whole range of bloods taken and to re write them all again would be just to much.

I have taken my first 6.25 today, I don't fell anything from taking this small dose.


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