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I had published a post here few months back about vibrating feeling in feet and hand. I had seen a private specialist and he diagnosed me with cubital tunnel syndrome. My problem in left hand was increasing so my GP sent me to a hand surgeon who seems certain that I do have carpal tunnel syndrome as well so I am now going back to neurologist on Tuesday ,though a different one. I had nerve conduction on my feet too earlier but now I wonder if those results were really fine or like carpal tunnel something undiagnosed. Suddenly seems I am facing scare of polyneuropathy. Any words of advice or comfort are welcome. My recent tests showed my thyroid numbers were optimum though antibodies are still off scale. I got advice from this forum for b12! Mine is below 500 but here in Germany doctors call it in range and don't supplement me, I have been buying otc but seems it has not helped or was not enough.

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  • How much B12 are you taking? Are you balancing it with a B complex? How long have you been taking it? It won't be an instant cure.

    Blood test don't show that your thyroid levels are optimal, it's how you feel. And you are obviously not optimal, whatever the blood tests said. Carpel tunnel is a hypo symptom.

    Have you gone gluten-free to lower your antibodies? Is your TSH suppressed? Are you taking selenium? There has to be something missing, somewhere. Hence all the questions. :)

  • Are you taking a good Vitamin B complex along with the B12? Low Vit B6 can cause carpal tunnel. Have a look here:

    Also, what were your thyroid blood test results? How much thyroid hormone are you taking now?

  • my worse Hypo symptom was carpel tunnel type sensation in both hands, at work I couldn't hold a pen never mind write anything. I'm convinced a high daily dose of B12 has helped me, it has almost gone. What dose are you taking? x

  • Hello. I have yet to collect my thyroid reports. Doctor had shown me values and they were better than before. I have been taking 100 micro gram of sublingual b12

  • I had a cubital tunnel release of my ulna nerve 20 months ago. I had extremely limited use of my fingers with only the thumb and index taking up most of the work, weakness and pins and needles. Bending my elbow brought on the classic numbness radiating down my arm and pins and needles right to my little finger with added numbness from what was already a numbed hand. The op went well and with 18 months for the ulna nerve to regrow I was happy with my sensation and full use of my fingers. I have started with the same problem in my other arm and will need it dealt with eventually. I did leave my symptoms for far too long with my other arm and will not do that again. Best wishes with your journey.

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