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Hypo - diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel

Any advice on carpal tunnel syndrome? Have had nerve conduction tests and it is in on both sides. Advice by GP is to have a 'minor op' 😐. Has anyone had the op? Did it make a difference? Pro's cons - any advice please. TY

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I had the op on my right hand under local anaesthetic many years ago. Never had a problem since.



Yep I've had it done under local and no problem since. Don't have both done at the same time !!

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I had it before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism but it went away when I was properly treated with T4 and T3.


Don't do it if it's due to hypothyroid.

As soon as you're properly medicated it will go away.

I've had it done. It was very painful during the op (possibly because the surgeon was more a butcher than a doctor), 6 months to recover. Three years to get back thumb to fingers grasp strength. 10 years on its not as strong as side not operated on.

If I'm not properly medicated with thyroid hormones it shows up exactly the same in both hands.

I consider it bad decision which didn't fix the issue.

I'm well medicated since last year, haven't had any numbness since.

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Sounds like it wasn't done by the best of surgeons ! It certainly shouldn't have been painful during the op.

My op was a bit difficult because I had left it to long but I had no problems afterwards and was driving and back to normal 2-3 weeks after.


He jabbed and wiggled horse size needle with the anaesthetic. That was bad part. After the injection started to work I didn't feel a thing. But he was a butcher.

He did what he was supposed to do which is widen the canal and that was 6 months healing pain.

I could drive too a day after even with the sling. That's not the issue. The tissue is cut and sliced inside and thus needs to heal.

I personally advice against if it's due to thyroid related. But each to their own.

I was scheduled to do left hand after and I cancelled and I'm glad I did.


I had my right hand done about 7 years ago and have never looked back.

Go for it!


Far better to get your thyroid dosage correctly titrated

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Also look at your B12 levels - need to be around 500. B12 is involved in the maintenance of the Myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves in that area ...


My CP has gone since thyroid treatment . Looks like you are going to make up your own mind after different outcomes posted on here . 🙂


I've managed mine for years with wrist posture - used to wake up with dead hands but now manage to keep wrist straight whilst sleeping without need for a brace. Have you looked into wrist posture? Bending the wrist constricts the tunnel so it pinches the nerves which is what causes the problem.

Know lots of people who have had the operation - very few have had any sort of problems.

My grandmother had the operation when she was in her 50s I think but the problem then returned later in life - in her 80s/90s.

If you do try wrist braces (which you can get from most decent pharmacists but are a bit pricey and you would probably need to ask at the counter) it is important that you don't use them all the time as they can cause other problems in the wrist if worn consistently.


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