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Hi , I recently got taken off carbimazole on the 8th of September as my TSH was always 0.01 and after 15 months on carb it went to 0.12 and my T4 went 12.9 (10_26 ) range. Endo said to stop taking carb but did warn me about a relapse as T4 was 86 on diagnosis . Had bloods done on monday 14/11and my T4 is 17 my T3 has gone from 3.5 to 4.8 , have no idea what the range is . My TSH has gone from 0.12 to 0.05 . Does this mean my Graves is flaring up again . Any help is massively appreciated . I am sorry that I do not know all the ranges . Xx

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  • Hi,

    Was you on Carbimazole so that you can do block and replace? When Graves is suspected Carbimazole is administered to stop you have an overactive thyroid and the complications of this disease, ie. heart attack etc. This can then make you have an underactive thyroid and Levothyroxine is administered for life. Maybe your specialist thinks that your Graves is under control and will just monitor you with blood tests and if you are then displaying an underactive thyroid (raised TSH of 4+) he/she will start you on Levothyroxine.

    Good luck and try not to worry.


  • I was just on carbimazole and had a confirmed diagnosis of Graves disease .

  • Perhaps you should ring your endocrinologist and ask for some clarification as to how he/she intends to proceed with your care. In my opinion it is possible that your endo is doing a wait and see approach and will review how to treat you when there are more blood tests done in the future to look for a trend in your blood serum.


  • Ianswife,

    T4 and T3 are rising and TSH has dropped slightly so it is possible but you aren't hyperthyroid yet. I would repeat the thyroid blood test in 8 weeks.

  • Thanks for your for your reply ,much appreciated xx.

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