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Autoimmune Disease - Episode 2

Some have had difficulty receiving email alerts and within the link it informs us that we should check our 'spam' or 'junk' as it might be in those.

This is Episode 2 about R.A.


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Thanks shaws,

J 👍


I have just finished listening and it was an eye-opener.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's. I found this episode fascinating.

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Incredible episode. Really brought it home that we need to heal our digestive systems as it is at the centre of autoimmune problems. Lots of interesting stuff including the power of "vitamin" D, leaky gut syndrome, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis. Amazing how the dots are slowly getting joined.

How refreshing to hear functional medicine doctors talking about healing the root cause rather than just treating the effects ie. conventional medicine and pharma companies maning a whole shedful of money out of it.

It seems that so much is in plain sight.


Yes, I too thought it was excellent and in plain language which meant it was easier to understand. I also got a tip in that my husband had been having an occasional slight flicker on his eyelid and they mentioned that it could be a magnesium deficiency. So I'm going to get some and see if it works.

The fact about the gut, it was explained so that I could understand.

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di dyousignup fo rthe series spongecat , I think you can still,


Yes I did. They still have episode 1 & 2 up to encourage people to share which I have done. Episode 3 coming shortly.

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remember vit d is NOT a vitamin it is a hormone, a mild steroid hormone this seris is essential for listeninng


I don't think I am going to be able to watch the rest of this series as I have people staying for the next few days but is anyone able to give a very brief summary of each episode?

I did watch no. 1 and 2 but it didn't tell me anything the stop the thyroid madness and leaky gut papers didn't tell me. I must be naturally cynical as I keep expecting a hard sell for a special patented blend of vitamins or probiotics! I am also naturally curious and don't want to miss anything though ;)


Episode 1- auto immune is really very common and can cause all sorts of mayhem and diseases

Episode 2- ditch the gluten and look at the whole gut health and immune health picture for good results even with serious diseases like RA (I may have missed some as I ended up fast forwarding bits)

How is everyone else finding it?


There have been positive responses from others who have viewed.

It might not be everyone's cup-of-tea but I found it informative so far, particularly about the 'gut'.

The 2nd I thought was very informative and demonstrated how some diseases can begin.

As there are so many autoimmune diseases and if we have one there is a possibility that we get others.


yes, that bit about other diseases worries me. I'm convinced my dodgy gut (acid reflux treated with PPI for years, off them now thankfully) has led to my Hashi diagnosis. I really am not going to get the time to watch the remaining episodes but please do let us know if there are any real gems of info that come out! xx


It would seem the gut is the most important to keep us healthy and from No.2 it was a good demonstration how it can begin to fail.

I've not read other papers etc about the gut.

Members have remarked how much they liked, so far, the episodes.

If we can prevent others perhaps avoiding diseases would be a good thing.

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