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High morning cortisol-high anxiety

I have high morning cortisol & am experiencing very high anxiety from 5am to 1 pm.It reduces & by 5pm I am OK.While it is high my anxiety is very acute & I can't think straight either(very similar to brain fog)will post my thyroid panel as soon as I get results,including B12 & iron.

In the meantime,has anyone any suggestions to help me cope?I take high doses of vit C,also taurine,zinc,selenium,1000 omega 3 & all the recommended supps in the best form.

I know I may need to raise or lower my T3 & will post FT3 & FT4.

The anxiety is giving me suicidal thoughts & am using 2mg of diazapan when its unbearable.

This all started when I tried adding NDT & reducing my T3.I believe due to prolonged adrenal issues I am unable to convert at all.

Have sent for a 24 hr saliva test.Last one was 2012 after 16 years on T4 & I am so shocked to be back in the same state(feeling mentally ill)

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I am sorry you are quite distressed at present and you would be as you are having horrible symptoms.

Have you tried taking T3 only. Maybe you have a gene defect in which you cannot convert T4 to sufficient T3. That's just a guess on my part.

This is a link for info. I myself take T3 only now and am well. I have also tried all the other avenues but this suits me best at present.


Thank you for your reply Shaws.

After 16 years on Thyroxine I spent 2 years in this awful state,followed by 2 years CFS.I have since had 18 months on T3 only-taking 30 mcgs @ 6am,25mcgs @ 6pm.Huge improvement in all symptoms,especially heart,mood,energy.

Then I hit this wall.Is it a coincidence that I tried adding some T4 back in,twice, for 5 week trials?All symptoms have improved except mood,over the 8 weeks since I stopped the second trial.The trials gave rise to a return of ectopic beats,episodes of tachycardia AND worst of all-anxiety

I am sure this is an adrenal "crash"Have ordered a Genova 24 hour adrenal teat & am booked in for full thyroid panel with B12 & iron.

Have ordered some natural progesterone today,as I am oestrogen dominant.


I am relieved I don't know much about crashes but when I was on levo and before I was diagnosed my heart played up something awful. I had ECGs and was forever in and out of A&E. Now on T3 everything has calmed and I feel good. I take T3 once daily and have had no ups/downs since.

Just for information, the following is a link which explains more about T3 with an excerpt and go to the date December 17, 1997 to read the question:-

Dr. Lowe: This is the first I've heard of my presumed participation in a study of Dr. Dennis Wilson's treatment protocol. I would decline to participate for several reasons.

Second, I don't believe that "cycling" is a valid concept. Over the years, I've monitored scores of fibromyalgia patients who reduced their dosages after improving with the use of T3 (within the context of our entire protocol). Invariably, their symptoms and signs soon became as intense as before they had improved. When they increased their dosages again, they improved again.


This is how to get well safely:-

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