Adding t3 - high cortisol

From advice on here, because my t3 levels are always low and i am not converting properly, i intend to start adding some t3 tonight with my t4.

Some of you will know about my apprehension in trying it because of my high daytime cortisol levels (especially in the mornings. My endo frightened me off trying it as he said it might make my symptoms worse because of the cortisol.

Anyone been in the same situation as me and added t3? Gonna start on 5mcg at bedtime.

Would love to hear of experiences please. Feeling very very poorly today with severe anxiety, not eating properly again and am very weak. Still fearing trying it! need some encouragement and support please :(

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  • T3 is a natural thyroid hormone - the active one required in all of our receptor cells. I had severe palpitations with levo and was forever in and out of the A&E. T4 has the job of converting to T3.

    T3 was a godsend for me and immediately I took 10mcg my whole body calmed and I haven't had palpitations since. Needless to say I only take T3 nowadays and am fine.

    I wish you success in your trial.

  • I have had any probs with my levo in the 10yrs i was taking it until my crash last autumn. Did you have adrenal probs?

  • Why at night time? T3 is almost immediately effective, and by morning only half will be left in your blood stream. It should be in the cells doing its work, of course.

    I have high cortisol throughout the day and recently increased my NDT because I was only mid range on free T3. I feel better, no untoward effects.

  • Mornings are my worst for symptoms cus of the high cortisol. Nausea and anxiety is debilitating. U were already having t3 though with your cortisol levels, i will be starting afresh. Just read on here that some people do better with their meds at night

  • Dr Lowe, who was thyroid hormone resistant, took his 150mcg T3 dose in the middle of the night, so that nothing interfered with the uptake. Also T3, although absorbed quickly into our receptor cells, it's work for that one dose then begins and the effect lasts between one and three days.

  • Hi Jefner

    I agree with Ruthi about timing. Some people find that taking T3 at night time keeps them awake. I take mine either when I go to the loo early morning (if it's near enough to getting up time) or before I get up, around 7-8am, then breakfast about 10am. Second dose is late afternoon, maybe 4-5pm. Why not experiment, start with an early morning dose first and see how it goes, you can always change the timing later if you feel it's not right.

    I know it can be daunting but don't fear trying the T3, it's a very small dose and exactly the right way to start. If you feel 'funny' in any way it will soon wear off and you don't have to take the next one.

    Sorry you're feeling poorly today ((hugs)).

  • You don't want to take it at night because our bodies make cortisol around 4am so you are giving the body more energy for making cortisol. Take it in the morning, play around with wen, shift it slowly toward mid day, see what makes a difference if anything.

  • Clutter said to leave off my t4 for a couple of days cus had gone over range (see prev post). The start back on 100mcg ( from 125) and add 5mcg t3

  • Thats what i am worried about, cortisol levels, cus morning are so bad for me until late afternoon. Its not helping not eating properly cus of the nausea. Do you mean play around with just the t3 on timing? What if i take t4 at night and t3 late morning?

  • Yes play around with the t3 timings. Your body has made the majority of its cortisol for the day by breakfast time roughly, sometimes are bodies make a lot as it struggles with the stress of being hypo, trying to compensate, we also make adrenaline sometimes to compensate for low cortisol. this can lead to burn out and adrenal insufficiency. It's what happened to me. My first stress test when I was first I'll with m.e/CFS showed high early morning cortisol and dhea low, three years later all the worst adrenalin symptoms had gone, startle reflex on high, horrible feeling in my chest etc, and my stress test showed my cortisol was below range on every sample, it had crashed.

    I took t3 at 4am to support cortisol production, my early morning sample came up, but everything else got worse.

    Have you had a saliva cortisol stress test?

  • Yes last one in march. Have another one to do but as i feel so bad in the mornings i dont want a longer day by getting up early.....poor excuse i know. My morning is in the 80's!!! What time is breakfast time to you?

  • Just want to add that 10mcg t3 (plus levo) was a godsend for me. I also have adrenal problems, which didn't really respond to treatment. I started on 5 which had no effect, so I raised it to 10. It has required a little tweaking over time, but in general t3 restored my energy, strength, good mood and hair and eliminated my bloating, palpitations and constipation. I don't want my gp to stop prescribing it, but if they do I will buy it myself. I now feel like I can't live well without it.

    My mum was on levo for years and now takes Armour, which agrees with her. Some people just do better with some t3 in the mix.

    I promise in the unlikely event you get any untoward side effects (eg if you took far more than you should), they won't last long. Once I took a little too much and my face got hot and my heart raced a bit. After an hour or so it went away. If my t3 levels go too high over time I may find myself clenching my jaw or being a little more irritable than usual.

    I suffered with depression for many years and between my levo, t3 and ldn, I feel much more cheerful now than I used to.

    Good luck! I hope it helps.

  • Thank u xxx

  • No probs. :-) When you feel ready, give it a try. xx

  • Hi Jefner, Did you take the T3 in the end ? If so was there any improvement ??? As i am thinking along the same lines... have Cortisol problems which is high throughout the day, suffering from sever anxiety, nausea , depression etc



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