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Blood results



Can I put it as concisely as poss.

Was told verbally at app at hospital T4 was 14. Don't have range yet but he said it was low and needed uppingdose.

I didn't tell him I USE T3 as the app was for another problem. But bloods are always done before hand as I have another endocrine problem.

My T 4 before I stared using T3 was at top of range and T3 low.

So the question:

I take T4. 75mcg

T3. 25mcg.

I had gradually got there over some weeks

Can anyone help me understand , is it so that the T4 blood draw will show low T4 having added T3? Maybe a simpletons explanation as to why if that's the case .

Or, do I need a higher dose of T4 in that combination

Thanks mine of info on here x

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When you are taking T3, the body doesn't hold on to as much T4, because it doesn't need it. T4 has to be converted into T3, but if you're taking T3 'ready-made', it doesn't need to have as much to convert. Trying to bring your T4 level up, is a bit of a useless exercise. Especially if you don't convert very well.

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Ok, thanks that explains it. So will always get ,funny, results!

Have to keep my head down in that case ! 🙄Think I have read that before but I find it a lot to take in Sorry But thanks

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You're welcome. :)

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