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Betaine hCl with Pepsin

anyone have Betaine hCl with Pepsin to help with digestion? My new nutritionist put me on this but my former American nutritionist said I shouldn't be taking it "because it contains some Th1 immune boosters and since we don't know what you can tolerate, you should use --if at all-- regular Betaine HCl".

I have been taking one per meal and haven't had any reaction that I know of. I was also told to up my dosage to "heartburn feeling" which will then tell me what MY dose should be. Wasn't comfortable with doing that so I read up on it and apparently it's the right way to go to find your dose, too little and it's ineffective apparently.

I have been eating a little better lately but not gaining any weight. I asked him if it might be that I am not getting enough stomach acid to properly digest my food and he said yes.

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Some links that might be of interest :

I know absolutely nothing about Th1 immune boosters!



thanks hon, read those earlier


I am hypo and take Betaine/pepsin tablets. I believe quite a few members do so as well.

When I first began to get discomfort my GP prescribed a medication and it gave me so much pain I then began to research. Like you (I believe) found that low acid and high acid symptoms are so similar we're apt to be prescribe antacids.

My bottle of Betaine says not to take more than three tablets per day. I take about 2 per day particularly with protein. At other times I take a few teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (with Mother) imixed with water or some honey which I also find good.

I don't have any sensation when I take Betaine or ACV which I think is a good thing as I've had no problems since.



I know I have low stomach acid which was picked up earlier this year via tests done by my other nutritionist and I know anxiety can lower levels as well, which I have a lot of. The only symptoms I get really are nausea, which could be anxiety related, and gurgling stomach especially when drinking my raw veg smoothie


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