Serum T4?

I'd greatly appreciate advice before seeing my GP re blood test results. His secretary stated all the results were within normal range (as they do) except for serum T4, which is 3.0 (11-22).

I'll get a print out & repost the full results, next week, but want to go in prepared as my endocrinologist thinks I'm overmedicated. I self-medicate for secondary hypothyroidism: my temperature's up a degree to 36, blood pressure is always low, & BPM's the same as before taking thyroid meds.

Thanks in advance!


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  • What do you self-medicate with? Based on your very low serum T4 I would guess you are on T3 only?

    And even with the insane treatment rules that doctors use, if your TSH and Free T3 are in range then you can't be over-medicating (in my untrained opinion).

  • Thanks Humanbean!

    I was on NDT, then tried adding T3, but I've been on only T3 for about 6 weeks.


  • Well, I don't know if this will be of any comfort to you, but the lowest Free T4 result I've ever had was

    Free T4 1.94 pmol/L (12 - 22)

    I was on T3 only when that was done. And I'm still here. :)

    I'll be interested to know how your endocrinologist justifies reducing your meds with your Free T4 level. Presumably he'll go by the TSH as usual.

  • But then if he goes by TSH level and you have secondary hypothyroidism it suggests he is even more incompetent than the average endocrinologist. A scary thought - how can such a useless creature exist?

  • I've seen several endocrinologists, after swapping from an even more useless hospital!

    I know little, but it's disturbs me to know they only know enough to be dangerous!

  • 😂😂😂😂 lol

  • The lowest FT4 I had, was zero! lol

  • Yay! :)

  • Thanks Humanbean, that's good to hear!

    I'm quite happy with the amount I take, as I'm well aware how cra*p I feel after 38 years experience with insuficient thyroid hormones! >:(

    I expect my GP will be ok when I explain why the T4 result is fine, given what I'm taking.

    I didn't mention T3 to him, as well, as it seems the medical

    establishment is even more scared of it than NDT, but I'll have to 'fess

    up. I'll quote your figures at him , if I can remember, after appointment olympics He'd suggested I'd be wasting money on supplements when I told him of my intention to take NDT, but has since agreed it's doing me good as I no longer need to wear thermals in July.

    The endocrinologist I saw in the summer was disparaging about me taking NDT "extract", & like all the others I've seen, clearly didn't have a clue about secondary hypothyroidism or the effects that pituitary tumours can have on thyroid hormones. I posted last month re my low TSH levels, querying whether they were ok on NDT. I'm certain he'd've refused to see me again, if it weren't for the need to monitor the tumour that was scanned three years ago, that I've had symptoms of since 1977/78.


  • Leverette,

    If your FT3 is within range you are not over medicated. Suppressed TSH doesn't mean you are over medicated unless FT4 and/or FT3 are over range. It looks like you are taking T3 only to have FT4 so low.

  • Thanks Clutter!

    Yes to T3 only, as I thought I might have a RT3 issue.

    I intend to go back on NDT next month.


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