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Have a question if your Tsh is 6.1 0.61-1.4e weight 126 what dosage of thyroid medicine would you recommend

Im almost tempted to just get off this medication I mean none of my symptoms have ever disappeared I still have it all thyroid problems if that's what it is I asked the nurse if I had a Hoshimotos and she said no

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  • 0.61 1.44 range

  • Theresa,

    You are under medicated to have TSH 6.1. Your dose needs increasing by 25-50mcg until TSH is 0.61-1.44. Dose increases are usally in 25mcg increments every 6-8 weeks.

  • Im on 75 right now but it's never helped me none of my symptoms have never disappeared I look at past results when I was on 75 some range from 2.90 or 3.89 right now its 1.78 but I've only been on 75 for a month now from 88

  • Theresa72,

    I'm confused. You said above that TSH was 6.1 and now you're saying it is 1.78?

  • It was that when i stopped my lavo because are we still having all the symptoms hair falling anxiety depression but I had to go back on meds just trying to figure out wht dose i should really be on

  • At 88mg my tsh is 0.89

    Ive been having heart pavatations for the last 4 days

  • Theresa72,

    So do you know whether you feel better at 75mcg or 88mcg? Perhaps you could split the difference by taking 75/88mcg alternate days?

  • I might do that just seems my endo doesnt care what my tests say on both readings

  • Do you think my ft3 wpuld of went up on 88mg if i gave it more time ?

    Was on 88mg for 8 months

  • Theresa72,

    No, 8 months was plenty of time. If FT3 was still too low you needed more than 88mcg or some Liothyronine (T3) added to 88mcg.

  • She did want to put me on 100 when I went to see her but then she remembered she quoted me 88 over the phone and says well we'll see how that does she seems to not care about my ft4 ft3 I mentioned it and she says where are you getting your information from like she was mad

  • Theresa72,

    Why are you switching between 75/88mcg if your FT3 is low? Stick with 88mcg if you can't get 100mcg prescribed.

  • Because my ft3 on 75 is 3.1 is good but my TSH might go up that's what I'm afraid of on 75 also ft4 is 0.76 not good

    And on 88mg its 2.6 not good but everything else is

  • Theresa72,

    You can't pick and choose the FT3 result on 75mcg and FT4 result on 88mcg. Generally, on the higher dose both FT4 and FT3 will be higher.

  • So if i up my dose my ft3 will go u

  • Yes.

  • Well well well my endo just called me and said shes keeping me on 75 :/ she says everything's normal on both tests and that my symptoms are not related to my thyroid

    Shes wrong if that's the case I might as well not even take medication

  • Theresa72,

    Well that didn't work last time did it? Why don't you buy some Levothyroxine online and increase to 100mcg and see whether symptoms improve.

  • I think i will look into that or find another endo

  • With a tsh of 6.1 you are still hypothyroid. Most people don't feel well unless it's 1 or under. No wonder your symptoms have not disappeared! Did you get other thyroid tests, such as t4 and t3? It's the t3 which is the active hormone. If the nurse said no to hashimotos then I assume they tested for antibodies? Do you have all the results to post? There are experts on here you could advise you then. What dose of t4 are you on, if you are?

  • This is my tsh when i got off my meds for 3 months I don't know what does to go back on 75 which I had a lot of hair falling out or 88mg which makes my ft3 go to 2.6

  • It's low T3 that causes symptoms, nothing to do with the TSH. What is the range for that FT3?

  • 75mg Right now its 3.1

    On 88mg its 2.6

  • Just dont want my tsh to get up to 3.

  • TSH is not important (apart from showing that you are undermedicated);Free T3 is. Your Free t3 needs to be in the top quarter of the range. New endo needed.

  • If i up my dose to 88mg tf3 was 2.6

    When im on 75mg its 3.1 i dont understand this

  • No, I don't understand it, either. But, you didn't answer my question : what is the range for the FT3? 3.1 sounds awfully low - which isn't surprising because you are on a very low dose. But, we can't know if you don't give us the range.

  • Range 2.3-4.2

    Ft4 0.76 0.61-1.44

    I've been experienced heart palpitations for the last 5 days now

  • The medicine has never helped me seems like it's made things worse more thinning hair depression anxiety fatigue as I get older it seems worse I just feel like getting off it completely I am very tired of this not helping me maybe I'm sensitive to this medicine I don't know

  • OK, so your FT3 is just under mid-range, and that is NOT alright. It's too low, and that's why you're having palpitations. Palpitations are a symptom of low T3, as well as high T3.

    Levo is not 'medicine', it is a hormone, it replaces the hormone that your thyroid can no-longer make.

    Levo doesn't 'treat' anything, and it doesn't 'cure' anything, it just restores the equilibrium of your body.

    But, to do that, you have to take enough of it. And you are not taking enough.

    75 mcg is little more than a starter dose. You should have gone up to 100 a long time ago.

    Your doctor does not know what she is doing, and she is keeping you ill. Will probably make you even sicker, if she doesn't increase your dose.

    You either need to have it out with her, and start asserting yourself; change her for someone more knowledgeable; or start self-treating.

    You are under-medicated and need an increase in dose.

  • Thank you i truly need to do something about this she seems to be a rookie because when I first went there she had to call the head thyroid specialist lady to come in cause she couldn't understand my condition with my parathyroid working sometimes and sometimes not I had another thyroid specialist tell me this she doesn't even care about that problem and I have severe osteoporosis from this

  • Yes, it does sound as if you need to run away from this person, as fast as you can go! Especially if you have parathyroid problems!

    Is she a diabetes specialist, who just dabbles in thyroid in her spare time?

  • Im not sure if she does but there are other thyroid specialist in her area so there was other things listed that they do

  • In that case, I would see another thyroid specialist, if I were you, because this one knows nothing about thyroid!

  • Your right I could tell the first time I went and seen her that she didn't know much I'm looking for a new Endo right now

  • Good for you! :)

  • :) thank you

  • Some people just can't get on with T4 - could be that they produce RT3 too easily. No idea why, but both measurements are too low, so you need an increase (or some T3) whatever.

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