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TSH levels

I have been suffering with tiredness for a number of months as well as a lack of periods and many more symptoms to list. I am desperate for another baby so this is causing me problems. I had my TSH and T4 levels taken last July TSH was 3.42 and my T4 was 14.7 my GP told me this was normal so I went away.

I saw the GP again today. Still suffering and I asked him to do my TSH and T4 again as it had been over 6 months and the symptoms still persisted. I also explained I had seen in various places info saying a TSH of over 3 could indicate Thyroid problems so I would appreciate it is I could have my bloods done again for comparison and to rule out a Thyroid issue. He point blank refused. He told me there was no evidence to show a TSH of 3.42 was not simply normal.

Can anyone point me in the direction of any research that I could show to my GP?


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Hi,are you taking any nutrition? Whilst you're trying to get further tests done it may help to look at the nutritional info on Thyroid UK's website. If you can get your nutrition optimized you may find your periods return on their own accord. Dr Peatfields book is a good reference guide too for self help and he states that a TSH reading such as yours could indicate hypothyroidism.

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This may help, near the end of the article it talks about a Scottish doctor who talks about how unreliable the TSH blood test is, it maybe something to show your doctor?:

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Anyone here probably tries to keep their TSH at 1.00 and anything over that will not accommodate our hypo symptoms. It's very important to the fetus as well. Many have also taken to self medication rather than allow Endos and Gps ruin their health and I'm afraid that is what it has come to. I don't know if your Endo will go with anything said here but there are plenty of references for you:

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Thanks Heloise and HEA72 x


Hi Page, I've been following health blogs for years and years. The medical profession has veered away from health completely into disease control and I'm sure the reason is that people need to follow a healthy lifestyle themselves and it is not easy. It also takes educating ourselves about how the body works. This world does not make it easy even to find the basics like clean water and food. Pesticides and herbicides have contaminated everything and they are estrogen based so it's no wonder we have hormonal problems.

One brilliant doctor I followed recommended this book for anyone ready for children and maybe your library has it:

It's so pitiful how the NHS treats thyroid patients and why so many have started treating themselves. I think there is a list of GPs that are more accommodating.

I've been posting this video and think Dr. Bergman has a great way of teaching and really understands how hormones work together.


Many of the thyroid and Candida problems overlap. 95% of Hypothyroid patients suffer from Hashimotos which is an autoimmune disease. These books may be of interest to you:

'Could yeast be your problem? Candida Albicans - The non-drug approach to the treatment of Candida infection' by Leon Chaitow.

'The Autoimmune Solution - Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum of Inflammatory Symptoms and Diseases' by Dr. Amy Myers.

'The Immune System Recovery Plan: A Doctor's 4-Step Program to Treat Autoimmune Disease' by Dr. Susan Blum.


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