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high TSH levels

Iv`e had high tsh levels for some years now, & although I don`t have any obvious symptoms of thyroid problems, my gp says that I need a low dose of thyroid hormones, which I`m now taking for six weeks now. What I`m wondering is what could have caused my underactive thyroid, as Iv`e had test for thyroid antibodies, which were negative, so I don`t have Hashimoto`s. Could it be something that I did that caused this?

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Sometimes it could be caused by damage to the thyroid gland, i.e. by whiplash for instance.


I'd be much happier if I knew what your FT4 level was - as well as your actual TSH number! And reference ranges!

It is perfectly possible to have inappropriately raised TSH - that is, your thyroid hormone levels fine but your TSH raised. But no point going down any particular discussion without knowing a bit more,


Hi high TSH is often due to low Free T3, make sure yours has been tested.



I am hypothyroid but don't have any thyroid antibodies (TPO ab or Tg ab). As far as I know I haven't injured my thyroid in any way, so the cause of my hypothyroidism is unknow too (but I definitely am hypo).

Yes I agree with Helvella - do you have FT4 result together with the range? Thanks xx


I find all this talk about this TSH, & that TSH very confusing because I`m not trained in endocrinology, but I had a lot of dental x-rays when I was younger, & Iv`e heard that this can damage the thyroid gland.


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