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Tsh levels

Hi ive had a blood test and my results show a normal free t4 and tsh of 4.51. It says the normal range of the tsh should be 0.35-5. Last year when I was tested it was 2.72 and 3 years before it was 2.0. My mum has had an overactive thyroid and has now had radioiodine treatment and my older sister has an underactive thyroid. I have also been feeling generally unwell for about a month and have put weight on and very difficult in losing any. Is it likely to keep rising and develop into underactive thyroid? And is 4.51 enough to be feeling symptomatic even though it's in normal range?

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Welcome to the forum, Michelled85.

TSH 4.51 is plenty high enough for you to be feeling symptomatic and is very close to the top of range. NHS will usually make a diagnosis of hypothyroidism when TSH is >5.0.

Arrange your next thyroid blood test early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) as TSH drops after eating and drinking.


I haven't had any notes from the doctor yet but I'm worried he will just dismiss it as normal and I will start to feel a lot worse than I do before it's considered abnormal. I already feel the cold really bad and can't sleep without my electric blanket on and initially saw him about my irregular/heavy periods and had a sore throat for weeks. Don't want to start feeling worse



Unfortunately many GPs do dismiss it until TSH is abnormal.


My ft4 is 11.1


Yes it is normal to have symptoms even if 'in range' - I certainly did, and like you my mother had an overactive thyroid so there were thyroid issues in the family. I felt deathly tired, constipated, brittle nails, vanishing outer eyebrows, weight gain. I was just under range at 4.25. Doc wouldn't treat me though till I went over-range, which I did around 6 weeks later. As Clutter says, make sure your next (and every) thyroid test is done as early morning as you can manage, no food or meds before but drink plenty of water. :)


Yes I had my bloods done early in the morning and didn't have anything to drink no water either


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