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Evidence re vitamins/minerals

My son is currently on 150mg levothyroxine

Latest blood test

TSH 7.29 (

T4 15.2 (10.30 0 24.50)

T3 not done!

I accompanied him to GP. Meds increased to 175mg and blood test in 6 weeks.

I asked if Vit D,B12, iron, ferritin and folate could be measured. The GPs stern response "why do you want that" !!!

She has agreed to include them. I wondered if there is some written evidence about these being optimal in hypothyroid patients.

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This is an excerpt:-

Problems with intestinal permeability can also lead to numerous deficiencies. So while one will probably need to supplement with these vitamins and minerals to correct these deficiencies, it of course is important to address the cause of the deficiency so that one won’t need to take such supplements on a permanent basis.

In summary, many people with thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions are deficient in one or more of the nutrients I discussed in this article. And while a single vitamin or mineral deficiency can have a dramatic effect on one’s health, multiple deficiencies are very common. Although I focused on five nutrients in this article, other nutrients can also play a role in thyroid health, such as zinc and manganese. Even though supplementation is usually required to correct a moderate to severe deficiency, the overall goal should be to address the cause of the deficiency so that people will get maximum benefit from any vitamins or minerals they are taking.


p.s. Hypothyroidism can cause low stomach acid and many have found a benefit in taking, particularly with protein, a betaine/pepsin tablet. or a Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water or juice. If we complain of stomach pain/discomfort and because symptoms of low acid are identical to high the doctors usually prescribe to lower acid when we need the opposite.


Thank you Shaws

Very interesting article


a) one of the most common causes of a B12 deficiency is an auto-immune condition - if your thyroid condition is auto-immune then that increases the statistical chances that you have other auto-immune problems.

b) there is a huge overlap in symptoms between B12 deficiency, folate deficiency and vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency and thyroid problems - and there is no law that says that only one thing happens in your body at a time.

Not written evidence but simple logic - bit pressed for time at the moment but will try to come back later with something more concrete.


Thanks Gambit.

As we all know most GPS don't take much notice of these results if they are "within range"

If his results come back low I would like to be able to present some supporting evidence.


just had a look on US medical research library

see the discussion - though not sure how relevant it is to your thyroid problems

just one of the articles in this search

good place to look for stuff that might be relevant.


Thanks Gambit.


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