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Still concerned over thyroid cancer


I've posted before about this but it seems to be something that comes and goes.

I have hashimotos. I struggle taking my medication as it makes me feel more fatigued and at the moment I have ran out so I now have to wait till at least Wednesday!

I know the effects of not taking the medication and I actually get hand pains if I don't take it for a while.

Since when I was diagnosed, it feels like the right of my neck is larger than the left. My boyfriend says it's the muscles however I'm concerned that it's my thyroid as I get an ache in that side. (I also have ear and head pain though)

I've had a doctor feel it and a slightly enlarged gland a whike back who said it was fine and nothing to worry about. Could it be thyroid cancer? My health anxiety is through the roof.

I'm also scared of something terrible happening from not being able to get my medication till next week.

I've added a picture. The right side of my neck (seen as left here) is larger at the base. Not sure if this is where the thyroid is

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Hi.... Please try and relax a bit... I know it's scary but the chances are it's nothing to worry about.

Go back to your GP (a different one!) and tell them your concerns, if necessary you will be referred to an ENT specialist. Read my story... I am two weeks after a total thyroidectomy and neck dissection due to cancer. I am still here, I am not going to die! Its a challenge, but one I am going to win.

Let us know how you get on. And stop panicking! X



If you have run out, go to any pharmacy and ask if they will let you have a few tablets. It is entirely legal and reasonably common for them to do this.

If it is not your usual pharmacy (where they might have records for you), try to take your old pack with pharmacy label, or anything else hat might help to convince them.

Goitres, nodules and simply enlarged thyroid are far more common than thyroid cancer. Unfortunately for some, thyroid cancers can be pretty much symptomless. Obviously not possible to diagnose thyroid cancer - or lack of it - on a forum, but there are plenty of alternatives.

I was out of the area since yesterday and I tried to get a repeat prescription before I went I rang my doctors who didn't allow me to do it over the phone. Only online which I've lost the password for.

Whilst away I went into a pharmacy, explained my situation and they didn't let me have any. He recommended a walk in clinic like a hospital. Absolute nightmare.

Is the larger side where my thyroid is or is the thyroid where the voicbox Is?

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From the few times I've tried, I'm not sure if pharmacies can give without prescription anymore, at least they always say no - however, you can call 111 and they can put you through to on-call doc who can fax them an emergency prescription - I've had to do this on a number of occasions like when I accidentally forgot them on holiday or when i accidentally ran out of T3 on a weekend before requesting new prescription - although took a long time to find pharmacy open at weekend with t3 in stock mind you lol :-D

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I suppose I should add that it might have been because I was on T3 only and no thyroid function left so would have gone down hill quite quickly maybe? But it's worth a try if you're worried about it :-)

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This link to The Royal Pharmaceutical Society website explains about:

Emergency Supply – a guidance on professional practice

I'd note that it has links to the four National emergency services in the UK which might be worth looking at. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time that out of date information has remained accessible with no warning!

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Thanks for the link helvella, at least I can point to this next time :-)

I thought that was the case but they always say no to me - maybe they don't like giving out T3 rather than T4 possibly??

Thyroid cancer doesn't come and go as far as I'm aware. The vast majority of thyroid lumps and bumps are benign and cancer is very rare. Most people with thyroid cancer have normal thyroid blood test results.

If you stop and start with your medication it will make you ill and increase your anxiety. It's most important to stay on an even keel as much as possible. As you have Hashimotos your thyroid levels will fluctuate with the activity of antibodies so you don't want to increase this by missing your medication on a regular basis. Missing a few days isn't going to cause a huge problem on this one occasion as thyroid medication is slow acting and you won't notice a couple of days missed dose instantly. However, you need to make sure you don't keep doing that or overall your thyroid medication will reduce and your TSH levels will increase which you want to avoid.

If you don't feel well, it's likely low vitamin levels which many hypothyroid people suffer from. If you've had them tested post them here for good advice about supplementing. You will probably also benefit from going gluten free. It's more likelly low vitamin levels and gut dysfunction, low stomach acid and poor nutrient absorption that's making you feel ill and not your thyroid meds or cancer.

Looking at your older posts you have had this issue for over a year. If it was cancer you would have most certainly been diagnosed by now. I see you are also a member of an Anxiety Support forum.. Having seen both sides of this problem in my opinion the anxiety is leading you to believe you have physical health issues. You MUST MUST MUST remember to take your meds and not run out, your body will not know if it is coming or going. This may sound a bit like a lecture (sorry) but when you have fought hard to get medicated the least you can do is take the bloomin' things!!

If it's any consolation before my cancer diagnosis I had no pain, no hoarseness, just the swelling on the right hand side where the lymph nodes were, I felt ropey due to Vitamin D deficiency.

Lecture over! x

I think the figures are 95% of nodules are benign. Most people have them, most don’t know.

I was one of the 5%, but that wasn’t the reason I had total thyroidectomy. Hashimotos, thyroid became enlarged to the point it had to be removed plus subsequent side affects.

Chose not to have RAI after.

Your anxiety is your worst enemy. You need to find a system that works for you to help reduce this.

Ultimately your health is your responsibility, running out of medication is something that shouldn’t and doesn’t need to happen. Sorry if this sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

I have an appointment on Wednesday to discuss my thyroid concerns. I'm getting terrible hand pains and body aches plus extreme fatigue. I feel as though I am dying (I am taking my medication now as I got some)

I suffer anxiety based around health, and I am sure I am also suffering with some depression.

I'm positive there is something else wrong with my health and I'm terrified that it's something that will kill me

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Your low B12 will be the cause of your anxiety and many other health issues ... also the low VitD ....

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