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Still feeling awful

So I posted my lab results to you guys a few months ago saying my T3 was really low while everything else looked within normal range. I'm still gaining weight, tired and all around low energy. I'm slowly trying to incorporate 40 grams of carbs daily and that's helped a bit but I just want to feel normal again. I think taking T3 can help me but I don't want to be on it all my life..

How can I self medicate with Cytomel starting at 5mcg?

Also: does low carb mess up your T3 that bad? I've never experienced weight problems in my life until after a few months on a zero carb diet.

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Petcrazy18 - do you have any more test results such as ferritin etc ? What thyroid hormone are you currently taking, also what vitamins and minerals?


Low carbs negatively affects conversion. And if you can't convert your levo to T3, then you are going to stay hypo and put on weight. Why don't you want to take T3 for the rest of your life?


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