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Levothyroxine 50mcg and still feeling awful!!

Each time I visit my GP with symptoms relating to Hypothyroidism ( you know your own body) he tells me it is not related, and fobs me off with something else, sometimes you are just too tired to fight.....I am now so fed up with feeling awful everyday......I did increase my Levothyroxine to 100mcg, initially thought 75mcg but couldnt cut the 50mcg in half, I felt so much better, all the aches and pains I normally feel went away, the only side affect I had was almost like brain fog and two or three headaches during a three week period of taking the higher dose. I am now back on 50mcg and will be making an appointment to see my GP in the next few weeks. I dont know if asking to see the Endocrinoligt again will make any difference, I have had this for 4/5 years now and did see one in the very beginning, but even on Levothyroxine I still get all the symptoms, lethargic, aches and pains, hoarse throats, nails weak, you just cant put your finger on it, you just feel rubbish, I really dont know what to do next, does this ring a bell with anyone........any advice would be helpful......also I am 61 and have been told it might be age related................61 isnt old......

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It doesn't matter what age you are the doctors will always say it's something other than your thyroid treatment. I was on 175mcg of Levothyroxine and still complained of feeling not quite right, but as soon as my GP heard I was 52 he put all the blame on the menopause and dropped my dose down to 100mcg. I'm now feeling twice as bad, put on loads of weight, am near tears all the time, feel cold when everyone esle is hot, have bags under my eyes that I can't get rid of, feel achy and stiff, croaky voice every now and again, no motivation .... I could go on! I know some of this will be the menopause but I'm so frustrated that this diagnosis was announced and the fact that I know my own body was completely ignored. I will have to ring for another appointment with my GP as I can't go on like this. I am dreading the confrontation as once again I'm going to have to say that the treatment I'm getting isn't working for me.


Can you please get a copy of your thyroid gland blood tests complete with the ranges, as labs differ, as it enables a better response and post again. We are entitled to copies.

You may be feeling bad due to being undertreated, as too low a dose can make you feel worse. Many GP's like to keep you within a 'range' when most feel an improvement when the TSH is 1 or below. Dr Toft of the BTA also says that we can have a suppressed TSH or even the addtion of some T3.

This is a link and if you cursor to the question dated April 22, 2007. Some of the links within don't work and there are other topics at the top of the page.


Thanks for reply, I know thi sounds daft but I do not understand T3 and T4 and what it does, I realise they are important in normal thyroid function, but do not understand what is missing, what they are supposed to do plain language please.........


I am not medically qualified and my explanation may be corrected.

T4 and T3 are thyroid gland hormones.

We cannot live without T3. It is the driving force in every single cell in our body and our brain contains the most cells. T4 is inactive and should convert mostly to T3. Some people are poor converters of T4 to T3 and may not have enough T3 getting into their cells to feel well.. That's why we ask the GP to do T3 test but many labs wont do it if the TSH is within range. Some can only get better if thy add some T3 to T4 or some take T3 only.


....when a GP starts blaming your age it is time to change to another ! Have you a Pill Cutter ? .....they are only pence.

Am sure you have read enough on this site to know that good levels of B12 VitD Folates Iron etc are VERY important. Perhaps you are not converting the T4 in your body into the active T3.....the vits help that at a cellular level. Have you had your FT3 tested ? As Shaws said it would help if we could see your results and ranges.

Keep reading and sharing your journey......


Hi Marz, thanks for your answer, I have made an appointment to see my GP on Wednesday, taking B12 and dont ache as much, I know I have a fight on my hands with GP but am ready for it.......didn't know there was such a thing as a pill cutter, you certainly learn so much more on this website, thanks to everyone.....


Get the pill cutter-let your body be your guide.Also don't forget the selenium supplement.


I know what u mean I feel I just want to go asleep but u have to fight it every time it's lonely illness. I am 44 if I have a night out it feel like a week to get over and the brain fog so hard. No one understands


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