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Status Update

Hello my friends,

It's been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I would update you on my current status since my partial thyroidectomy 3.5 months ago. (Man has it been that long already)

Well, I am doing much better, not 100%, but much better. All of my thyroid levels are good, my iron and ferritin levels are coming up slowly, and my D3 is also rising slowly, but at least in the right direction. I will be getting a fresh set of labs done next week, to check all of my levels.

I am still experiencing some lightheadedness and internal tremors, but not as bad as before, doctors say to give some more time. I have gained 10 pounds since the surgery, which is a good sign, but I do not want to gain any weight, so I need to figure something out. I am still fatigued much of the day, but again, not as bad as before, so I think it's time to start exercising now, hopefully my body can take it.

I had my hormones tested, all are good with the exception of total testosterone, which is just below normal, but my free testosterone is at the mid-point, so again the doctor says not to worry about it, but I wonder if this could be causing my fatigue. My cortisol and estrodial were high last test, hopefully they will be in range now, well see.

Other than that, I am feeling ok.

I hope everyone is doing better, or at least getting the help they require. I know it's not easy. I am praying for you all to get better.

Take care,


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Thanks for your update DanteNXS. I would just add a cautious note because you mention you would now like to get back to exercising and you still feel fatigued.

I can understand you wanting to start now to get back to what you used to before your op but it would be beneficial if you can put up your results with the ranges for members to comment.

When we are not on an optimum of thyroid hormones or our gland isn't producing sufficient we do need T3 to be of a sufficient amount (when converted from levo) to get into their receptor cells. When we exercise it reduces T3 and some people might not feel so good afterwards. It can take a while for our hormones to reach optimum when we can exercise and also feel good.



I am not on any medication at the moment, just taking various supplements to improve my overall health.

Here are my results from last month, I will have new ones next week.

Ferritin, Serum 57 (30-400) ng/mL

Iron Saturation 23 (15-55)

Iron, Serum 84 (38-169) ug/dL

UIBC 244 (111-343) ug/dL

Iron Bind.Cap.(Tibc) 359 (250-450) ug/dL

Vitamin B12 927 (211-946) pg/mL

TSH 1.010 (0.450-4.500) uIU/mL

Thyroxine (T4) 7.4 (4.5-12.0)ug/dL

T4,Free 1.09 (0.82-1.77) ng/dL

T3,Free 3.2 (2.0-4.4) pg/mL

Testosterone, Serum (Total)296 (348 - 1197)ng/dL

Testosterone, Free 11.3 (7.2 - 24.0) pg/mL

Sex Hormone Binding Blobulin 30.9 (19.3-76.4)nmol/L

Cortisol - AM 28.7 High (6.2-19.4)ug/dL

Cortisol - PM 8.8 (2.3-11.9)ug/dL

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DanteNXS my best wishes for continued good improvement.


Thanks for the update, DanteNXS. Glad to know you're improving but sorry it takes so long :(


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