Help needed to decipher thyroid test result please

Hi, in July of this year, I went to Gp to complain of extreme tiredness, agitation and weight gain, my weight in a little over 12 months had balloned from 11 Stone with a 32" waist, to 13 stone with 36" waist and I have grown some healthy manboobs in the process too!

I was convinced that my bloodtest would confirm a thyroid issue however it was apparently normal and I was eventually diagnosed with Pernicious aneamia after IFA test and am undergoing relevant treatment.

My thyroid test was a puzzle to me as it was worded differently than those I had seen before, the test was (TFGPS) THYROID ( NOT T4) ?

My result was "normal" : serum TSH level 1.1 mU/l with a reference range of 0.35-5.50mU/l.

Is there any need for me to investigate further? I'm currently due to see a haematologist as I told doc that b12 loading dose treatment had no effect, I'm actually getting pins and needles in my hands and feet and am gunning for more intensive b12 treatment.

Thanks :)

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  • The TSH on it's own does not give you enough information to rule out thyroid problems. You also need FT4 AND FT3, plus antibodies : TPOab and TgAB.

    A google search brought up nothing for TFGPS. :(

  • Thanks for your reply, it's a strange one for sure, I should get a comprehensive test done privately I think, to put my mind at rest

  • Yes, I think you should. :)

  • Are you on the PAS forum - ? Continuing neurological symptoms need injections every other day until symptoms subside and then more regular injections than the NHS 3 monthly protocol.

    Do you have a copy of the Folate and B12 Deficiency Guidleines ?

    PA and Low thyroid often share signs and symptoms :-(

  • Hi Marz

    yes I am on every Pernicious aneamia and b12 deficiency forum/ page possible :-)

    There is a massive problem of undiagnosed and mistreated Pernicious aneamia / b12 deficiency in the UK, i am quoting BNF guidelines to my Gp and BHSC guidelines to a haematologist and getting absolutely nowhere, there is no doubt in my mind that I will have to buy my own supplies and self inject sooner or later, however, as you rightly stated they do share the same symptoms and quite often a person has more than 1 autoimmune disorder i.e both Pernicious aneamia and thyroid disorder.

    I suppose that maybe I should pay for a comprehensive thyroid test via blue horizon and get to the bottom of my massive weight gain :(

  • Good idea. Do you have the details for private thyroid testing ?

    Please look at the PINNED POSTS on the above link for help. If you have a diagnosis of PA then the Pernicious Anaemia Society can step in and give you support. Website details available on the above link.

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