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American Biologics Thyroid Glandular

I recently ordered American Biologics Thyroid Glandular and added it to Thyroid-S. I have been on Thyroid-S for almost eight months and I have been doing well on it, even if my FT3 levels are only midrange and my FT4 levels at bottom of range. But my TSH is completely suppressed, and my doctor in Belgium (a so called Hertoghe doctor) said that shows the drug is working.

I have taken thyroid glandulars in the past, and they have never done much for me. This is the first time I try this brand.

It's specified on the bottle that AB's Thyroid Glandular is not an extract, but I did not know how to interpret that. Each capsule is said to contain 130 mg of pure thyroid gland (bovine origine, not an extract).

Anyway, this product seems extremely powerful. After only a couple of days on it, I have developed some very specific hyper symptoms: excessive sweating and itching being the most noticeable ones. There is no way I can stay on it without decreasing the Thyroid-S dosage. Maybe it would be a good idea to stop taking it altogether?

This reaction makes me wonder if Thyroid-S is actually working more effectively than I realise, even though my FT3 levels are only midrange and my FT4 levels at bottom of range...?

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I don't know anything about thyroid glandulars, but I had to laugh when you said 'my TSH is completely suppressed, and my doctor in Belgium (a so called Hertoghe doctor) said that shows the 'drug' is working.' No, it doesn't show the thyroid S is working! It just shows you're taking it! It's in the blood, you've absorbed it. But it doesn't show if it's getting into the cells. I thought these Hertoghe doctors were supposed to be specialists!


No, unfortunately, I have had to accept the idea that is not true...that all Hertoghe doctors are specialist, I mean. Far from it, in fact. Which is why I have started to self-treat more and more, visit forums like this one, compile information, use my own personal experience and judgment to know what works and what doesn't...because no doctor, IMHO, can be trusted unconditionally.

Truth be told, since starting to self-medicate more and more, I have been asking myself why I should pay several hundred of € every year in medical fees if I order most, if not all, drugs myself online...? The fact is that I order NDT myself, I have weaned off Medrol prescribed for adrenal fatigue and now take adrenal cortex only (available OTC), and I also just weaned off Oestrogel which I suspect I never needed in the first place, as it seems the body will always be able to make estrogen itself, especially from fat (whereas progesterone levels will drop to almost 0 after menopause). I still use progesterone, but that can be ordered OTC as well. I know several patients who see Hertoghe doctors to get a prescription for human growth hormone, but the idea of injecting myself with HGH on a daily basis for the rest of my life has always made me uncomfortable. I am not really interested in anti-aging medicine, but I want to make sure my hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's) is optimally treated which, to me, means "no symptoms of being either over- or under-medicated". Of course, that also means treating adrenal fatigue and correcting other hormonal deficiencies likely to influence T4 to T3 conversion.

Greygoose, you seem very knowledgeable when it comes to hormone replacement, which is why I would like to ask you: in your experience, are the FTs relevant in order to decide whether a particular thyroid drug is working for you (in my case, Thyroid-S)? If so, what FTs should you aim for? I vaguely recall reading recommendations about "midrange FT4 levels" (but not higher when on NDT or other drugs containing T3, as that increases the risk of rT3 dominance), and FT3 levels close to or even slightly above upper normal you agree or disagree?

Any input, from you or others, would be more than welcome, as I feel I am currently at crossroads...


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When on NDT, you certainly shouldn't have a high FT4. But, apart from that, the only important number is the FT3. But even that is only a guide. You need it at the level that makes you well.

But, I do agree with you about not being able to trust any doctors unconditionally. Especially not on the subject of hypo!


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