Itchy eyes and Hashimoto's?

Have been diagnosed since March and in the last 3 weeks have been having problems with my eyes. They get really watery, itchy and red and sometimes feel gritty. I have been given eye drops from my GP but the problem still flares up at least once a day most days. They get so itchy I need to rub them which makes it worse. Have tried taking antihistamines too but they don't really help. Anyone else have this problem?

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  • Yep. Has settled down since I started Levo. It was worse at night, too, they felt dry and irritated. I bought some good eyedrops for it, recommended on here actually. They're called Hylo-Comod and contain no preservatives. They last ages though due to the dispensing method, I do recommend them, they really helped. :)

  • Thank you Jadzhia will see if I can get them. I had originally been given Hypromellose and now using Celluvisc which haven't given much relief.

  • My GP gave me Hypromellose but they made my eyes sting. I picked up some thealoz duo gel from my optician to use at night and they do work. I don't use them every night - only when my eyes feel irritated. (He also recommended drops for during the day, a retina scan, and changing the lenses in 4 pairs of glasses so I started to think he was upselling.)

  • Thanks Babette hopefully I will find something that helps.

  • Itchy eyes was one of my main symptoms before diagnosis and treatment. For me, personally, it is a sign of undermedication. I have no problem with it now

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