Finally having surgery on Thursday

Hi guys! Just wanted to give you all an update. After 9 months of seeing 2 GPs, 1 ENT specialist, 2 endocrinologists, I finally saw the surgeon last week. 9 months of pain (possibly due to recurrent thyroiditis). Had a biopsy on my nodules and it came back inconclusive and MRI scan showed that my trachea is deviating (which could be causing the pain too). I already had a lobectomy 7 years ago because of a goitre and nodules, but I had no pain then. I have been taking 25mg Thyroxine (I know a tiny dose) for about 5 months now and it has made a massive difference to my tiredness. So, I am saying goodbye to the remaining lobe this week and my body will have to relearn how to live without my thyroid. My surgery is being done by the same vascular surgeon who did my previous lobectomy, so I have faith in him. Thank you for all the advice, help and support you continue to give to each other within this community. It's very helpful and it's taught me a lot.

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  • Tamzin,

    Good luck with your op and ensure they give you a bigger dose of Levo after.

  • Thanks Radd. Surgeon says he'll put me straight on 150mg Levo. That's my only worry as my mood went down very quickly with a bigger dose of Levo before. I am hoping it was the brand, not the dose.

  • Tamzin,

    It isn't always the Levo that causes our low moods but the imbalance in other hormones caused by low thyroid hormone and compromised adrenals.

    Hopefully with lots of rest after your op, you will heal just fine. Lotsa luck (again ! ) .

  • I wish you a speedy recovery from your operation and a decent doctor who will prescribe hormones which make you feel well again.

  • Best wishes, Tamzin27. I hope all goes well :)

  • Good luck with your operation and healing... I pray things goes well and u will come out on top.

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