Is this normal when they find a small nodule?

Hello. I had a CT a few months ago as I'm awaiting a TT for graves' I was told nothing of significance was found & just swelling as I have a toxic goitre.

Then at A&E for pain in my shoulder (& heart rate of 140) they did an ultrasound where the consultant said I had a tiny nodule, I questioned it and he said it was there on my original CT and unchanged. (2 months between them)

I've had two further second opinions on my CT because of lung issues and my endo & surgeon are saying I can put off my op for years if I want. My gp said there were no nodules.

Should I be happy with the fact they seem certain it's nothing or should I get it out ASAP? I'm worried that no one even mentioned the nodule other than A&E dr, my endo surgeon & GP said nothing was found.

I feel awful at the mo, so so exhausted and petrified about what could be going on with my body.

Thanks for any advice, I'm not really sure what I'm asking. Just any thoughts x

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I've seen posts where cancer nodules were 3mm etc so it seems strange they are ignoring mine as its small? X

Hi It is common. However, the standard medical opinion is, any nodule, must be biopsied, just to make sure. it is very simple , just a needle , radiologist under an ultra sound.

Regarding surgery. I always tried to defer surgery as it caused me so many problems. How I am in a position unable to have even life saving surgery as too ill . Not my thyroid. If only one had a way of knowing what the future held.

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I can't get my head around why the haven't even told me about the nodule. If the A&E dr hadn't mentioned it in passing then I wouldn't know about it. They don't seem to follow guidelines with me. I also have multiple tiny lung nodules that they aren't following up. I feel like I'm on an NHS black list :(

Hi Wiggy, My Endo said that biopsy of the common thyroid nodules imperative. She was upset that I could not have one due to or my co-morbidities, but in any case no treatment possible for me.

I do not think lung nodules are probably significant, but I would makes sure. Another ultra sound and CT scan would be best. If you have ever smoked etc more important. What does your GP say.?

With me my many consultants expect me to be fully aware of everything and self diagnose too. They all say I am too complicated , so I know best! However, they still do sometimes forget to tell me things, I know they are all so busy, it is not deliberate. usually some thing untreatable.

Do you always have copies of everything written about you to GP? Some of the info very good,some rubbish! Your GP may give you copies, mine says too busy! However, I always make sure I have a copy of everything , even scans. If they forget then I pester their secretary. I think actually that is more important than any thing.

Finally do you see a good Respiratory consultant\? Mine is marvellous, finds things especially infections, whev I know I have them, other docs, even good ones, do not.

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Hi Jackie, re the lung nodules my GP had them sent back to the hospital for a second opinion and they all agreed, given my age and the presentation I should avoid further CT as they don't appear cancerous. To my knowledge they normally monitor for two years but I have to trust their reasons for not doing it.

My surgeon is an expert in thyroid cancer I'm told, so it seems strange that he would miss a nodule on CT and US and both reports said no further follow up.

It's hard when you have to do so much of the research ourselves. I wonder if that's just thyroid disease?

I guess having my op ASAP would make the nodule lesser of a problem x

Hi I think you are wise about the thyroid. It is definitely not just the thyroid, Most GP`s cannot diagnose, if they suggest the "wrong" speciality. Then the consultant cannot diagnose either! Some consultants, especially Cardios will not converse with one`s other docs, read anything or listen, heart felt! Not meant to be a pun.! They really do think they are God, well known to be amongst medics. If I had started sorting out myself years ago, my out -come would be far different. Now, when in hospital as I am frequently, I check every thing, and will not let any one touch my drugs, as very complicated. My best docs say this is essential, especially for me. A so called, top hospital.

I have been trying to train my new hospital Cardio, my good consultants do not want him to look after me ,as all say, I am beyond him, far too complicated. My private cardio says " He has a long way to go. A bit problem when in a Coma!

My thyroid was the worse thing, I reeded to get treatment for 20 years, a consultant told the GP I needed to see someone, but she knew better!

I do add ,there are some brilliant, caring, lovely consultants. Find them and research carefully Treat them as Gold!. I have also learnt not to stay with one not up to scratch, however, nice!

Best wishes.


Jackie I'm so sorry you are not well enough for the surgery you need. I do wish we could see the future. Thank you for replying, makes me feel stupid for the way I am over this. I have developed real health anxiety with this graves x

Hi In a way I agree with you. Never leave anything to even the best docs., unfortunately they are human too !Do all the research as much as possible on any thing you have. Then in the end you have to decide who to trust.

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Hiya. I had toxic multi nodular goitre and put off surgery for 9 years but in the end had tt in February because of tracheal displacement and compression. I put it off because my son was little then and I didn't want to leave him. However, I had yearly ultrasounds and FNAs. I guess it's up to you, but if you decide to defer surgery, then please make sure to get regular checks on the thyroid. You could always get another opinion from another doctor. It also depends if you feel you can go through the ultrasounds and biopsies every year or whatever they suggest.

Difficult decision for you :(

Hi it's been the same for me. I'm still bf'ing and never left my daughter so I've put it off a year so far.

My goitre is said to be toxic, diffuse with no nodules.

Then the guy at A&E said there was a small one. But the CT report said no nodules, US didn't mention any.ive had second opinions on both and been told there is nothing of significance. But it worries me maybe he saw something that they missed. Anyway Im not going to wait. I feel so ill all the time Im having it out ASAP. I've actually just had a quote to have it done privately so my daughter will be able to visit unlike NHS. I'm driving myself mad worrying about nodules :( x

Hopefully you won't have to stay in long. I was in for 2 nights. My son was able to visit any time (he's 9). Good luck with it all. There's no point waiting years if you will worry- only you know yourself and how you would cope and there's no right or wrong way! All the best.

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