Weight Loss Surgery and Hypo

What are everyones thoughts on Weight loss surgery for Obese Hypos?

Just interested as a friend of mine had surgery on Monday, she has been hypo for 1 year and 4 and 1/2 stone overweight. Her mother has diabetes,and her grandfather. She felt if she gained more weight she would develop diabetes and didn't want that on top of the hypo. She is Optimally medicated, low TSH , top end T4 and T3. She tried everything to lose weight all the diets you can think of, she also tried exercising but failed. Thanks

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  • My personal opinion is that nobody should have weight-loss surgery. It limits the amount of calories you can eat so much, that if you don't have thyroid problems, you're probably going to develop them. You're also going to be deficient in most nutrients. Besides, there are too many things that can go wrong.

    I can't comment on your friend's case without knowing a lot more about her. But, there's obviously something very wrong somewhere. And having bariatric surgery is just another sticking plaster - like prescribing antidepressants and diagnosing fibro or CFS - it means the doctor doesn't have to bother to get to the root of the problem. It's just a lazy way out for him, whilst putting the patients health at risk.

  • Completely agree. And being 4 and a half stones overweight - that's really not that big. Not big enough to conclude that weight loss surgery was the only option!

  • I love you Jazz. Four and a half stones not that big ??

  • No, definitely not xx :)

  • Fancy a cream cake then ? :D :D :D

    My treat xx

  • It would have to be a gluten free cream cake but yeah, bring it on! :D

  • Best to eat Paleo style and low glycemic. Sounds like need a detox and reduce carbs.

  • Thank you, I totally agree. I'm 3 stone overweight but since I've had my b12 injection and iron infusion I'm feeling very well and full of energy. Thanks 👍

  • When doctors say 'optimally medicate' it might just mean she's got good blood tests. Many people can lose weight when they get to an optimum but some cannot. Weight gain whilst hypo is one of the commonest questions and distressing for many. Dieting is very hard as we cannot raise our metabolism sufficiently (hypo causes low metabolism).

    The following are a couple of links:-



  • Thank you 👍😄

  • Bariatric surgery is serious sh*t. You are forever after giving up eating pretty much anything which tastes good, or having a teaspoonful and feeling full. If you are >27, you will also have the problem of excess skin after the weight loss. What would you do, have more surgery ? Google images and weep.

    I am a hefty old mare now. I have almost zero wrinkles, my hair is gorgeous because most of it is a hair piece and anyway...(deep breaths) no-one is looking anymore, I am a fifty seven year old granny and otherwise content with my fabulous life.

    ( Breathing into a big brown paper bag )

    My hairdresser did this. It is a journey of never ending pain and doubtless regret. I don't want to consider what she'll look like when she's seventy in about seven years' time. I'd truly, madly deeply rather remain a hefty old mare. Don't go there.

  • We are fed quite a number of stories from people who sound so happy they had their stomachs cut out. Perhaps there is a period, after the surgery itself has healed, and when there has been reasonable weight-loss, at which this has some truth. See if they are quite so happy when they have gone through things like B12 deficiency - and been ignored.

    Always, absolutely always, look at where the feel-good stories come from. Do they come from private medical organisations (doctors, hospitals, etc.) with a strong profit motive? Or people with your well-being as their first and foremost consideration?

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