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Advice would be hugely appreciated

Been feeling progressively worse for the last few years: extreme tiredness, lack of concentration, brain fog, getting words muddled, memory problems, feeling cold, headaches, joint stiffness and probably other things I've forgotten. I've had blood tests before but aside from iron tablets I've always just been told everything was normal. This time I'm at a new GP practice (my old one closed) so I decided to ask for a copy of my results. I was told they were normal but thought I'd post them for advice. I know it's probably not much to go on but any advice/guidance on the results and what, if anything, I should do next, would be appreciated. Thank you.

TSH 4.67 [0.35 - 5.50]

B12 364 [246 - 911]

Folate 6.6 [3.40 - 20]

Ferritin 30.4 [20 - 300] --- been on ferrous fumarate 2 x daily for 6 weeks as it had been down at 15.

Vit D 52 [30 - 200]

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Your thyroid is struggling but docs rarely treat unless TSH is over 10.

Your B12 should be at the top of the range and Vit D is too low.You might want to consider Blue Horizon11 blood test to get a more complete picture.


Thank you. Unfortunately I have no way of affording any blood tests at the moment. Will look at getting them done as soon as I can afford to though.


Not much of that is normal. Ferritin still too low, get it to about 80. B 12, are you supplementing? You could raise to 500, many say higher. Your TSH is way high, I felt dreadful at that level, if you can afford it get a private panel including antibodies. Looking as though you may have Hashimotos, but your gp is clearly not going to help. Folate is low too.

The Vitamin D Council have a v useful website which explains levels and what optimal is and how to get there.


I'll check out that website thank you. I'm not supplementing b12 at the moment, I'll look into doing that. I'll have to see if I can convince one of the other gps to do any other tests there was one that seemed like she might be more approachable. I'll see if I can get an appointment with her to discuss things and request any other tests people suggest.


Your B12 level isn't worryingly low considering you aren't supplementing, but you could take it to 500. The ferritin should help. Did you do the test first thing in the morning? TSH is highest then, so if you are tested as early as poss it might take your tsh across their line. You're nearly into their range, once you are into it you can plead for an antibodies test.

Did they test your cholesterol? If it is nice and high! it is another argument for a trial of levo. Do you have any relatives with autoimmune diseases?


Couldn't see any cholesterol tests.

I'd been loitering on the forums for a while so I knew to go for an early, fasted test. Now I'm worried I'm just going to have wait for things to get even worse before anything can be done. Some days I can barely function the tiredness and brain fog is so bad... I can't actually remember what normal feels like.

My mum is on levo for hypothyroidism but other than that I don't know of anyone having anything else.


Do you know whether your mother's hypo is auto immune, ie, Hashi's? Bet it is... anyway, just tell the gp that your mother has autoimmune thyroiditis, it should help. Plead for an antibody test.

If the gp won't do anything till u r over the line, you could consider self treatment, but of course that costs too.


They never told her anything other than she was hypo and given levo.

I'm just waiting to be able to book an appointment with the GP i want to see but she has leave coming up and they didn't have which dates she was working yet so I'll have to check again next week. I think sticking to a specific GP will be a better idea, especially as the last time I saw her she seemed to actually listen to me and not rush me in and out.


I f you have not had treatment for hypothyroidism, I think with your lab results a treatment-trial could be beneficial. Maybe best way to go about this is to see a private sector doctor and show the lab results. Feel better soon.

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