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Low folate with underactive thyroid

Dear all,

Have been with an underactive thyroid for 12 years, taking thyroxine 50 plus Nutri Adrenal and Nutri Thyroid at advice of Dr. BP. I just had a blood test TSH 1.21mU/L, haven't done T3 and T4 as this is NHS blood test. The advice I expect to hear from you now please is regarding the low folate 4.1 ug/L!! What is the best form of increasing the folate levels and what brands? I also have a recently diagnosed acid reflux that is manifested with constant cough and taking LAnsoprazole 15 mg. Since few months ago I have terrible eczema on my hand too. I had feeling that something is not right in my body. From previous experience I heard impressive knowledge and experience here and now rely on your help how to quickly regain the levels of folate to possibly help me with sleep, maybe even eczema and even cough? Many thanks!

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To improve folate supplement folic acid or methylfolate. You should only supplement if your B12 level is in normal range.

The symptoms you describe are unlikely to be due to low folate.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Read up on the PPI. They are not good for thyroid people as they suppress stomach acid and we are already short of that. If really short we can not get the nutrients from food easily either so start to go downhill.

In Janusry I have a new hip and was continually sick. I thought, and later proved right,that it was the pain relief but they wouldn't let me change. Then they brought me a PPI as worried about my stomach. I refused but they made me take it. The next time I was sick, not long after, my breakfast came up whole which was extremely painful and it looked fresh as well. Good enough to eat! It had t broken down at all! I was t given another! I hope you are taking it at least 4 hours away from the thyroid meds. A good alternative I understand I'd apple cider vinegar but if you decide to go without them you must t just stop but wean yourself off very slowly. I've also heard that the reflux is true reflux but under treated meds giving rise to slack sphincter muscles letting the acid flow back


Dear Silverfox, thank you so much for your detailed reply but I didn't understand much. Every time I read people comments here I feel so ignorant. How am I supposed to know all what other patients know? I can not put 2 and 2 together, feel really stupid. I have a terrible cough and I have been having various tests to find why. Turned to be acid reflux. Got Lasoprazol and worked for few months on 30 but when reduced to 15 cough came back. What do you mean we are short of "that" please? I am not taking thyroxine and Lansoprazon 4 hours away if you mean that. I take them sometimes together in morning, first thyroxine then Lansoprazole if I don't get up in middle of night to go to toilet. Did you mean to wean myself slowly from PPI? Should I? I got now ALT high and was wondering if liver is upset because of PPI? It;s all mixed up and so hard to find out what is result and what consequence. Sorry for moaning but feel frustrated that I can't help myself. When you find some time I would appreciate your experiance with these. Thanks again.


Thyroid people are often short of stomach acid and PPI's make it even lower but we need acid to break down our food and medication or we do not feel any benefits. That's why I stopped taking it but I'm told it can be dangerous just to stop it. I kept cutting it down till I was completely off it but the decision to stop has to be yours but if you do stop or cut down then take it 4 hours away from Levo.

Thyroid problems are not very easy to understand as there is a lot to take in and think about, I've been learning a long time and still finding things I did not know about!

I have got a lot of help from asking questions here so keep postings if you forget something or don't know what to do. Lots will help you.

This forum is looked after by Thyroid Uk. They have a site which is very good for new people to get to know how it works so may be if you search for them and read what it says. Again shout out if you are stuck, keep asking questions and nothing is too trivial, we have all had to learn but we are here to help you along the way.

The things your doctor needs to test are folate, Vit D 3 and B12 as they help us the most. There are also foods and medicines that don't help us as well but take one step at a time

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MAny thanks for clarification. It's been second day I haven't take my 15 Lansoprazole, no problem. I watch what I eat and drink even more carefully than before and will check up blood test results in few months especially these things you suggested folate, Vit D3 and B12. CAn I ask you pls if you have ever taken one of these supplements Vit D3 and B12 and in what form and strength? My cough hes reduced not sure whether my viral infection is gone or I have been taking quince tea (quince are from my garden) which is very good for cough.


Vitamin D I got a booster dose, 20,000 iu one day a week. The D group say you must take some every day but it worked for me. After 12 weeks I went over to Adcal after testing that levels had risen, to 800 iu/day but my calcium level was rising above range, since taking K2 back in range, and I wasn't able to get away from Soy so hunted around for one but struggled to get one till I asked Pharmacy for 1,000/day Pro D. Not had that checked on yet.

b12 1000/ day methyl ....... I'm told you can't overdose with that, your body gets rid of what you don't need


I've just red and now understand what you mean. I will try to reduce them maybe 15 mg every other day and watch what I eat and drink. Thanks.

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