Naltrexone - information on where to buy and if it helps

I've just been watching some of the 'thryroid webinar' videos and am intrigued to find out more about low dose Naltrexone and where to buy in the UK. (Please PM me)

I'd also like to hear about any successes with low dose Naltrexone helping with thyroid flare up's and pain, chronic fatigue, fybromyalgia.

It sounded like something that would help

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  • Please pm me too. Anyone that has found a place to get LDN. I have a month wait till doctor appointment and I'm hoping LDN is the next option

  • You cannot buy it from this website

  • You go through a consultation process I believe ....

  • Marz thanks so much for this

  • I started to take LDN last month. After only three weeks, I had to lower my dose of T3, because I was already in hyper territory (but felt absolutely normal)! LDN most definitely either helps me produce my own thyroid hormones, or my body uses the hormones I take better. (On top of that, it stopped a three-month long bout of diarrhea, which was probably autoimmune related, my doctor said.) I did not really believe LDN was gonna do anything... but it does.

  • Where do you get it from? I paid for some online that was never sent!

    Would really love to give it a go.

  • Sorry, I live in Europe, can't help you. :(

  • Has anyone had any luck getting it prescribed by their GP?

  • I've just seen it on one of the American sites . I don't know anything about it . I'm still try to get my ndt .

  • I haven't taken it, but know patients who have. Typically, they've been given it as a part of treatment for Lyme disease or other chronic infections, not specifically for CFS or fibromyalgia. It seems to help.

    The questions to ask are "what problem am I trying to solve?" and "why is my thyroid malfunctioning - what is receipt cause?" Even for CFS/fibromyalgia, there's recent research that links it to several root causes.

    It's the little details that count - you can only fix a problem if you use the right tool to fix it. Getting the right testing/diagnosis is critical.

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