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Where can i buy Naltrexone

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Hi can anyone help me find out where i can buy low dose Naltrexone without a prescription, any help is greatly appreciated

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I have just typed LDN into the Search Box and over 700 previous posts appeared. Sorry I am not able to do links on my phone 😊


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Ellemac in reply to Marz

Do Ins Pharmacy Glasgow. Speak to Paula. If you have a private script you can send it to them. Or they can arrange a telephone consultation with a prescribing doctor.

For more details check their web site dicksonschemist.co.uk

Click on the menu top right and choose private prescriptions. If you call them and ask for Paula she will give you all the info you need. Remember with LDN you need to start low and go slow. A good place to start is 0.5 increasing gradually every 2 weeks. up to 4.5 or whatever dose you feel best on.

within that range.

Hope you get sorted.

El x

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hilary33 in reply to Ellemac

Can you say which Dicksons Chemist you mean?

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Ellemac in reply to hilary33

Dixons Glasgow

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Rafgel31 in reply to hilary33

It’s cheaper to get 50 mg pills, than get it compounded into 4.5mg doses. I've been doing this a few years with volumetric dosing. 50ml of distilled water with a 50mg tab of Naltrexone. Dose 3.5mg (3.5ml) with an oral syringe at night pre-bed. As mentioned, swirl it around back and forth before drawing. It may be just the excipients that don't dissolve, with the naltrexone actually dissolving, but it's easy enough to just swirl it to make sure. Don't start out at 4.5mg at the beginning, though. You need to start low and build up.

If you're curious this is reliable site where I get Naltrexone and they have a good price and great quality:

:-) highrepute.net/go/NALTREXONE

I received my order within a few days. They gave me a discount code "SALE10" ❤️ for 10% off . It's hard enough finding a doc. that even knows about LDN, but even then, it is far cheaper to do it yourself.

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Tbob in reply to Ellemac

Hi Ellemac thank u i will give them a ring in the morning i dont have a prescription i hope they can help me

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Tbob in reply to Marz

Hi marz the literature on it is very promising i really would like to try it

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fiieaprf in reply to Marz

Cheap Naltrexone - onlinecheappills.com/catalo... Good price and quality.

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Tbob in reply to fiieaprf

Hi thank you for the link

I used to buy it from united pharmacy but now get it from my gp,I alerted him to the drug yrs ago but the practice members would not give it back then,now,however,they asked me if I wanted it,funny old world....good luck.

hi we need a script for that as in large doses it is used for alcoholics. i have hashimotoes & you just can't go on it with out being monitored as its still a drug that has side effects. I tried compounded 2.5 mcg & that made me too drowsy, bad dreams etc. my doctor halved it & still the same results, so I've had to stop it. Have you considered seeing a naturopath as herbs have been trialed & also on me for years now & many others over in australia, that have been proven to work in lowering antibodies along with hormone medication.


good luck

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Hi Rosewood186 i have tried herbalists in the past with no luck just end up spend a small fortune.. im planning on going very slow if i can get some


We can only get naltrexone with a script over in Australia as its still a drug even in low doses. I was on trial at 2.5 mcg & had nightmares.doctor halved it & still had bad dreams.

Have you tried other alternatives.

Good Luck


I tried 2.5 mcg & with nightmares, halved by doctors & still bad & really weird dreams, is only on script over here in Australia.

have you tried healthier alternatives that actually work. I still take t 4, but it stays at 75 & my naturopath & doctor monitor me & many others on trial while taking herbs while on T4.

Good Luck.

Has anyone heard of buyldn.com ? This is the only website i have found selling it

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Ania22 in reply to Tbob

I am buying from there but would like to start buying 50mg pills as they would be much cheaper.

Sorry to hear you tried herbal remedies or may or may not have been monitored by a naturopath & doctor.?

It can be fustrating if we self medicate ourselves, without guidance & if we end up taking the wrong thing just for the sakes of trying it short term.

There are proven results with the right supplements , that need to be tried for a few weeks or mths to see the end results.

Do you have Hashimotoes ?

Low dose neltrexone is a drug & trailed with Hashimotoes, you may have read that you stay on Thyroxine or whatever the correct hormone you know your taking is for you & the right one? They recommend we stay on our hormone replacement & start N on a low dose a few hours before bed or it's difficult to get up in the morning or at all. It effects everyone differently .

The doctors monitor your hormone & antibody levels & if they see antibodies come down , they drop the hormone dose , while you continue Your N dose.

It's not just something to play with . It doesn't substitute thyroid hormones . Your blood tests will be the only way to monitor if it's gradually working or not as it also takes time .

Coming off hormones with Hashimotoes , is quite serious if it's not monitored professionally. Then more money is spent on fixing that.

All the best with guidance on that one.

What mg are you looking for? And how many?

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Tbob in reply to EbonyEvans

Hi EbonyEvans im looking for a low dose to start with 0.5mg then build up slowly to 4.5mg , the tablets can come in doses of 50ng but there is ways to dilute the tablet into lower doses :) im looking for a trial amount at the moment and if it works a life time supply

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EbonyEvans in reply to Tbob

Hello Tbob,

I came across some 250mg. So not of any help. Good luck.


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Tbob in reply to EbonyEvans

Wow thats a high dose maybe that came but diluted also? And thanks :) im still trying to source some

It works best when taken with Alpha lipoid acid at night. 200 to 300 mg. It improves its efficacy. I was able to get my antibodies cut in half

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Tbob in reply to Rosie_P

Hi Rosie_P iv never heard of alpha lipoid but that sounds promising thank u i will look into that also :)

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Rosie_P in reply to Tbob

There’s so much research out there on the combination of these two compounds 😊


Are you still looking for Naltrexone?

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Starlyte44 in reply to Joopi

I am looking for some. Do you know where I can get some without a prescription?

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in reply to Joopi

I would be interested too please.

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