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I've just read that if you drink lots of water for 1 week you can lose a dress size. First 4 days you drink 4 to 5 litres of water throughout the day Apparently it's what body builders, fighters and models all do. You have to drink the water through the day staggered as drinking it in one go could kill you. Day 5 you just drink 1.5 to 2 litres and day 6 just 1.5 litres. It says if you a health problem to speak to your doctor first. Would this be suitable for a Hypo?

Thanks πŸ˜„

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4-5 litres of water sounds like an awful lot. Even the two litres of water a day was a figure pulled from the air in the 1940s with little basis in science ( unless you are in the desert!). You need to drink enough so that your wee is a lovely pale colour. Too much water can be very dangerous. This sounds like another shockingly bad fad diet.

Thanks I'm thinking that too ! πŸ‘

Bah! Some of these faddy things are dangerous! If you drink too much water you might upset the sodium levels, electrolyte and other various goodies that are required for your body to work properly.

What bodybuilders do is limit liquid intake and deliberately dehydtate themselves before competitions to heighten the appearance of muscle fibres and vascularity, many of them are almost at the point of collapse by the time they hit the stage!

As they say on X Factor..."It's a no from me!". ;)

Remember the old adage... if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

I wouldn't advise doing that to yourself.

Goodness don't do that, that amount of water is not good for you at all. I would think drinking that amount in a day could kill you whether you drink it all at the one time or spread it out.As Bombus says, when you are properly hydrated your wee should be a nice pale straw colour.


Rowlocks: Only if you suffer from water retention caused by not drinking enough. Eating no carbs would drop water faster, i suspect. Either way you'd probably feel terrible.

Do you want to suffer brain damage?


The poor woman in the story linked to only (so it says) drank five litres.

And how ridiculous to assert that you should only drink 1.5 litres on particular days. In a hot environment, and doing significant exercise, that could be grossly inadequate.


This suggestion has the potential to be extremely dangerous.


I hope the person who wrote that can sleep at night.

That's a great warning and advice to others who may possibly be a little naive, thanks for posting all your comments πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Thank you all, just something I saw today! I won't be drinking all that water thanks! πŸ˜„

Years ago when I was young and foolish I drank a lot of water in one day thinking it would be good for me, I felt really ill and had to go to bed, lesson learned!

4-5 liters in day? A great way if flushing out electrolites. You ever read In papers how "people died because if used of exctasy in the clubs"? Well,it was not because of the exctasy. It was because they upset their electrolite balance. They drunk too much water.

Of course, drug taking is illegal, wrong etc. But the point here is the crazy amount of water people drink. So I'd stick to 2 liters per day max.

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