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Hypo testing

I've been hypo for 20 years. Always on the same dose of .50 levothyroxine. During this past summer I was switched to synthroid brand. After a few days it was not fo me. Now since August back on increased dose of .75mcg levothryoxine . I am still tired a lot & loosing hair. Although not as much as before. I have had my ferritin levels checked. Above normal. On higher side. I am going in for a 3-month check next month. Then the doctor will do the other tests. I asked for her to check t-3. What should I ask them to test me for? I'm taking biotin tabs & a multi vitamin & a calcium pill with Vit.D

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Hi Daisy, I'm afraid you're not on a very good regime, there. There is not much point in taking a multivit because you won't get much out of it. It's just a waste of money, for several reasons :

* They usually contain cheap ingredients - even the more expensive ones - that are not easily absorbed.

* They don't contain enough of anything to treat a real deficiencie.

* They often contain things you don't want, like iodine.

* They contain things that cancel each other out, like iron, calcium, magnesium.

* The contents should not all be taken at the same time.

Why are you taking calcium? Did you get tested first? Were you very, very low in calcium? If not, you should not be taking it. You are taking vit D3 - it is D3, isn't it? - which will increase your absorption of calcium from food, so it's doubtful you actually need to take calcium. But, when taking D3, you should also take some vit K2, to make sure that extra calcium goes into the teeth and bones, and not the soft tissues.

You should ask your doctor to check your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin. These all need to be optimal for your body to be able to use the hormone you're giving it.


I was told I have osteopenia after taking a bone density test. I take 1200 calcium with Vit D3. I have had my ferritin tested and is normal.


Well then they should have told you to take vit K2 with it. Or else you could give yourself kidney stones or a heart attck.

There's no such thing as normal. Did you get the actual number for the ferritin level? It should be at least mid range.

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Ferritin 217


Wow. That's high. Did you have any markers for inflammation tested, like CRP?

Look, I'm really worried about you taking all that calcium. Did your doctor prescribe it for you? They don't really know what they're doing. How much are you taking? And how much vit D3? And is it D3?

Are you not taking any magnesium? Magnesium is far more important for bones than calcium. And it's on of the co-factors of vit D3. They should be taken together.


Yes they recommended calcium 600mg + D3 400 iu in one pill & I take twice a day. I haven't had CRP tested. About 3 years ago my ferritin was 217 LFT were high. They did all sorts of testing for everything. Found nothing. I even had a liver biopsy which was normal. This was all brought on after I had poly Myalgia rhuematica. Now I'm getting frustrated maybe not being treated properly, Both parents died of heart disease.


That's much too much calcium - you're going to fur-up your arteries - especially as you haven't been taking vit K2.

And, that's not a lot of vit D3. Did you have your vit D tested? If so, what were the results? You really should be taking magnesium. Not only that, but all the other vit D co-factors : zinc, vit A, vit E. Bones need a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals, not just calcium. But, as I said, doctors know nothing about nutrition.

Also, there is some doubt as to whether or not osteopenia even exists, or is just another money-making 'disease' invented by Big Pharma. I really think you should be doing your own research. You cannot just blindly accept everything your doctors say.


Daisy have you had calcium and parathyroid levels tested ? With low D and osteopaenia you must be checked for hyperparathyroidism. Doctors are not clued up on this.

I agree with GG about you taking the high calcium, not a good idea unless you know you are deficient, hypercalcemia must be avoided.


I am really sorry you have had hypothyroidism for twenty years and only on 50mcg of levothyroxine all that time. It is usual to start someone on levothyroxine at 50mcg with 25mcg increases until the patient feels much better. Unless you were very frail with a heart disease.

Your blood test should be fasting and as early as possible and leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards.

Ask for a full thyroid function test, i.e. TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. Also, if you've not had them recently, a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Get a print-out of the results and post on a new question.


Please be aware that biotin interferes with thyroid function testing. Taking biotin can cause any tests to give you misleading results.


It is a good idea to stop taking biotin for a few days or a week before testing. You can always restart it after the blood test is done.


Thank you ice never seen that report before


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