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Confused hypo or not?

Hi I recently posted my results which showed I was hypo I was put on 25 levothyroxine been taking it for nearly a month as a routine well woman check they did my TSH again last time it was 7.7 (0.3 5.5) this time less then a month later it's come back at 2.4 same range I had taken my levothyroxine and had a coffee before my bloodtest (I didn't know they were testing my thyroid) I know it's a small dose and I feel no better but now I'm thinking what's going on? am I going crazy?

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Food and taking thyroid hormones before the test has skewed your results. Coffee? this is a link:


Thanks interesting read about coffee!! xx


Why would you think you're going crazy? You've been taking levo and your TSH has come down. That's normal.

Obviously, your TSH would have been higher if you'd had an early morning test and fasted over-night. But, taking your levo wouldn't have had any effect on your TSH, because it doesn't react that fast. We say not to take levo before the test because it will give you a false high FT4, but if they didn't even test the FT4, it doesn't matter.

But, despite all that, your TSH still shows that you need an increase in dose - which is normal, too, because 25 mcg is just a tiny dose. Everything seems as it should be, to me. :)

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Thank you I was thinking now it's in "normal range" they may stop the Levo even though I don't feel any better than I did think I have a lot to learn!! 😊 xx


Well, of course, it does depend on the level of understanding of your doctor. But, they should never, ever stop the levo because it's for life. Thyroid problems rarely get better.

However, the goal of taking levo is to make the patient feel well again, and for most people that won't happen until the TSH is below one. So, you do need an increase in dose. How long have you been taking 25 mcg?


Thanks for the quick reply I've been taking it nearly a month I was overactive a couple of years ago took meds for a year came off them and they said it was back to normal then I've had a few "borderline" results I knew something was wrong as everything was and still is such an effort though at first I thought it was stress then I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis and haven't got better from then managing to go to work just but feel so tired then not able to sleep? I also have osteopenia!! Because my antibodies where raised that's when they put me on Levo!! Never had them tested before!! Xx


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