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Hi peeps need some advice please? T3 initial tests were 15.6 with TSH 0.02 been on Carbimazole for 2 months now and recent testing at gp's were tsh 0.26 and t4 9.6 now I understand that thoses reults make me hypo not hyper however why was my t3 rechecked this time? I did ask my gp to test my t4 so im wondering why both t3 and t4 aren't tested?

Gone from being very anxious and shaky with insomnia to not being able to get out of bed ggrrrr and so bloody lethargic! also I am having problems with gluten perhaps! since I started documenting symptoms ive realised there maybe an issue with gluten so gp is going to check for coeliac disease on my next round of tests in a month! any advice on if im asking the correct questions? ive still no first appointment come though from my endo neither so that's 14 weeks and counting.....HELP

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Dboy, do you have the lab ref range for FT4?

Labs usually decline to test FT3 unless TSH is <0.03. Your low FT4 makes it extremely unlikely your FT3 is over range.


Think range is 12.6 - 22. However my T3 was tested when TSH were 0.02! just that I asked my GP for a FT4 test as we knew the Ft3 was overactive but we didn't know anything about the FT4? so this time they test FT4 but not FT3??? TSH is in normal range on latest test though! and according to my GP the labs will only ever test FT3 in my area and not FT4! we had to ask specifically for it to be done as when ordering a thyroid function test they only ever do TSH and FT3


I was diagnosed 7 weeks ago, and they first tested TSH and T4. When these came back TSH <0.01 they tested filem again along with T3. Apparently, on the NHS they test the TSH and T4 first and only test T3 if TSH is below 0.02 or something! I've just had repeat bloods done, and agin it was TSH and T4 and a full blood count, so if TSH hasn't come up I'll have to go for the whole thing again but including the T3. Get a print out of the blood results from your GP, they may have made a mistake telling you it was T3 tested first time, or may have tested T4 as well. Also chase them up and make sure your referral has gone through because you should have got an appointment letter withing 2 weeks of the hospital receiving the referral. I was referred 4 weeks ago and already have an appointment for September .

How are you getting on with carbimazole? I've beenmn 30mg a day and felt worse for the first month!


Dboy, you are overmedicated because FT4 is below range and you have become hypo. Carbimazole dose needs to be reduced now and bloods retested 4 weeks later.

You need to eat normal amounts of gluten until your coeliac screen or it will skew results. 6 slices of bread daily or other gluten food is recommended.


Carbimazole is a very powerful drug and if you take more than you need it will make you very hypo very quickly. In your place I would start taking a bit less. You can always take more again if you start to feel hyper again. You need to listen to your body and adjust the medication rather than waiting for blood tests.


okay thankyou all for your advice! I didn't say I was on 30mg of carbimazole per day however once the bloods were back my gp rang me same day to say I had to reduce it to 20mg however I convinced him to agree on 15mg per day as I was missing some doses through forgetting! so I have another blood test in 3 weeks to see how im getting on! My GP did actually say that I was responding to the carbimazole rather too well? don't know whether that was a good statement or not because it caused me a little worry later in the day.......damn me for not asking him to elaborate!


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