I recently had a hyper thyroid and both of eyes swelled and now protruding. I was tested for thyroid at the time and my TSH was low but I was told not low enough to suggest Graves. I was recently tested again and my TSH, T4, T3 and TSI are all normal so that would suggest no Graves but why are my eyes still protruding? I saw my Rheumy and she said that sometimes test isn't sensitive enough and I appeared like a Graves patient to her. does anyone else here have Graves without the antibodies showing up on test?

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  • Hi there ..

    I br given up trying to figure out why tests ... or Doctors for that matter get it wrong .. I was ill for a few years ... I was obviously suffering Graves' disease .. although I didn't know what that meant !!

    My symptoms were dreadful

    And had bloods tested twice

    Seems I was fine .. I felt as though I was dying !!!

    Didn't make a fuss .. so NOTHING Was done to help me I arrived at dr crying one day and he took it seriously then !

    Graves Disease .. it's not the end of the world though .. you can certainly manage this disease it's a wonky immune system that's to blame put all your energies such as they probably are !! Into supplementing to strengthen and

    Take care of your immune system 80 % of which is in your Gut !!!

    Your thyroid will eventually be given peace .. and hopefully return to normal .. given there are no underlying conditions

    Start by googling supplements fur Graves Disease

    They worked for me .. I'm now Euthyroid .. thank God .. you may be too soon

    Best of luck

    Print your bloods results on here and loads of folk will help you

    Don't give up ... know your enemy and fight it

  • thanks for your reply. It's good know others have the same blood test but still have symptoms. I also have Sjogren's and now diagnosed with RA. I did lots of research on how to treat SS naturally with foods and supplements. Now I have to research Graves and RA. I sure hope they are the same results and something I do for one disease doesn't hurt another. :)

  • My sister is a top scientist whose friend had her bloods sent to Germany.

    She had two negative tests here and the last one did come back positive as they are so advanced.

    The best of luck to you both it is all about the gut in so many illnesses. Follow how you feel and the symptoms.

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