Hi I saw the GP Fri and given antibiotics for suspected sinusitis- prone to them unfortunately. I started taking them yesterday after I began to feel worse- 500mg Amoxcillin been on them many times BUT I don't think they're agreeing with me. Symptoms seem worse as do I. I'm still very hypo due to pooling, possible RT3, adrenal fatigue. Poss Hashimotos and hypo parathyroid. What would anyone advise? Is it possible it's not a bacterial infection and I'm making myself worse taking them?


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  • Hi Miki,

    As I understand it, sinus problems can be associated with hypothyroid, especially likely if they are frequent. I understand how miserable they can be as I used to suffer badly from them as well (family trait). Can also be associated with a sensitivity to dairy. If you have hashis (ever had antibodies tested?) then chances are your gut integrity is already compromised and anti-biotics will only strip out more of your good bacteria, exacerbating any absorption problems, hence meaning you absorb less nutrients (incl the vital vitamins and minerals) and thus will make your thyroid symptoms worse.

    I would have thought the best thing to do is to address your thyroid/adrenal issues - I know that can be easier said than done! - and try to support your gut with pro and pre-biotics to counter effect of anti-biotics.

    I have hashis and am feeling much better having recently cut out gluten and dairy, supplemented with l-glutamine and re-built gut bacteria with VSL#3 probiotics as well as other vits & minerals - but that is just me.

    Good luck


  • Thanks for you're reply, yes TPO antibodies were high suggesting Hashimotos. Have so many issues right now I'm trying to fix my sky high cortisol levels it's just 1 thing after another.

    Shall I ditch the antibiotics?

  • I didn't say that - I am not medically qualified and that needs to be a medical decision. What I was trying to point out was that there are knock-on consequences to use of them that really should be managed to avoid making thyroid issues worse.

    Are you taking selenium to help reduce anti-bodies? Have you considered trying gluten free for a while?

    I think Jan's suggestion of trying to wash-out sinuses may well be very helpful - I saw Dr Oz demonstrating a few years ago.

    Good luck

  • No I know you didn't suggest that sorry just got a bit desperate, think they're making me even more hypo than I already am and I feel like death

  • Hi, my aunt suffered badly with sinus problems and was recommended to clean out her nasal/sinus passages with, if I can remember, something called Nasopure. It comes with satchets of a saline solution. The sinuses become clogged with difficult to remove debris which continually attracts bacteria, none of which is removed with antibiotics. The idea is that if you can clear out the debris you stop the bacteria finding a home.

    Just an idea!

  • Thanks!

  • Perhaps you might benefit from using a neti pot :

    Edit : And I definitely wouldn't recommend giving up the antibiotics unless your doctor approves.

    Edit 2 : There are various designs of neti pot. Do an image search for loads of pictures.

  • I'll look into it thanks

  • I had tried everything over my lifetime but still operated with a chronic infection in the sinuses, not helping my health due to the viral load. I had tried everything with no real improvement and the neti pot was the last resort for me. On the left side absolutely nothing happened showing me that my plumbing was awry. Gps had been very unhelpful over the years but this time, with a long term diagnosis of CFS and being bed-based for years I was able to put it in terms of a chronic infection that was helping to keep me ill. Surgery on 3 sinuses and removal of polyps resulted in me feeling somewhat better but the decongestant effect of healing my gut and finally taking in the nutrients that I needed was the final piece of the jigsaw (I was long-term gluten and diary free and using autoimmune paeo diet to remove all foods that might compromise my health). It has been a long haul but I now no longer need antibiotics periodically and have got rid of the near constant sinus pain and headaches. Hopefully you will get this sorted earlier than I have! Currently sorting out Eustachian tube dysfunction and potential glue ear so this area is obviously a weak spot for me. By all means take the antibiotics but then talk to your GP regularly until you get an ENT referral if this is a recurrent issue. I had been complaining for the best part of 45 years with no examination by a specialist. Also you may find an aerosol of salt water easier than a neti - they are sold at pharmacies.

  • Can't answer your question but I did suffer from chronic sinusitis with a painful face, ears, head and mouth needing antibiotics to shift. In fact sometimes 10 days worth. Discovered I'd been undiagnosed hypo for 18 years but since taking thyroid meds I haven't once had sinusitis.

    Ought to mention though that I had to take antibiotics due to an infected tooth, I felt seriously dreadful for some time after.

  • Thanks both

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