Anyone had adverse side effects taking phenylephrine whilst on thyroid replacement?

Hi, I have an awful cold and could really use some decongestant in order to get a decent night's sleep. I have read you shouldn't take sudafed etc..whilst taking levo and assume it's the same for ndt. However in the instructions for my supermarket own brand it only advises against taking them if you are hyper not hypo and doesn't mention levo. Just wondering whether to risk and if I do what possible side effects there may be to weigh up whether pros outweigh cons!

Thanks in advance

Nat x

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  • Drug interactions between Armour and phenylephrine:

    Reading the possible side effects of phenylephrine I'm not sure I'd want to take it anyway, thyroid replacement or not

    What about something like inhaling the steam from eucalyptus oil in hot water or other natural remedy and a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief on your pillow at night?

  • I have never had a problem with it, taken it for years as it's the only thing that helps when I have cattarh and sinus problems but I have avoided it since taking thyroid replacement.

    The problem is that my nose blocks up when I lie down so other than lavender and eucalyptus on my pillow I'm a bit stuffed..literally :-D Oh well, I'll see how I go tonight!

  • have couple paracetamol and a hot toddy that will help you sleep 💤 x

  • Haha, i've just poured myself a festive Baileys ;-)

  • sleep well 😊 x

  • Try a neti pot. I haven't needed it yet myself, but lots of folk are saying its far better than any drug. A bit messier, of course.

  • I didn't know what one was but just googled and I don't think I could use that!! It makes me a cringe a bit just thinking about it!! I can see how it would help though. I might have to dig out the humidifier, I've been putting it off cause we already get a lot of condensation as it is during winter but I suppose for a few days we can put up with it.

  • Honestly, the girl who overcame her enema aversion promises you it won't be that bad! Maybe not let the family watch, but....

  • That's a bit harsh! I didn't mean cringe in disgust either, I meant I don't like the idea of stuff up my nose..makes me cough just thinking about it.

  • You are right, it was harsh and I apologise. But honestly, isn't a bit of salt water better than all that snot?

  • No probs, I just don't like thought of running liquid through my nose, I think I'd gag!

  • Well maybe to start with. But like all things we get used to them.

    I rarely get sinusitis, but I do have more or less permanent dried up, sharp, snot, which I am sure is part of the general hypo dryness. I think I had best practice what I preach and buy me one.

  • This might possibly help

  • Thank you, I might give that a try! x

  • NatChap,

    I have used a neti pot for years. It completely clears out the nasal passages .... a bit like going swimming. Just ensure to get the correct salt which is pure (no fillers such as anti-caking agents). With a cold, I also add a few drops of Varchi Veda Neti-Wash Plus, which is a moisturising healing oil, that helps reduce stuffy inflammation and open up the nasal passages.

    Otherwise, when actually in bed, I use a pediatric saline spray that again is very pure and kinda dissolves a blocked up nose.

    Holistic stuff is so much better when we have Hashimotos as reduces the chance of an immune response and horrid side effects. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks, I will look into it but for this cold I think I will try some sort of nasal spray like the one SeasideSusie posted. To be honest I only usually get one cold a year if that, but I hate not being able to sleep..

  • Give colloidal silver a try. I use Sovereign silver, the particle size needs to be small. I suffer with cold sores and sometimes they appear in my nose - the spray gets rid of them and I am sure it help with catarrh. Its non toxic and is anti - bacterial, viral and fungal.

  • Colloidal silver is not something I would recommend.

    You may well feel that you have had a positive effect from it, but its use is very definitely questionable. Below is a link to a document which addresses some of the questions over its use.

    I am well aware that others see it very differently. However, I do think that we need to be very cautious, especially when so many positive stories are on site which sell the products.

  • I have done extensive research on colloidal silver and in my opinion it is safe and effective and I have absolutely no problems using it myself. But, it must be 99.9% pure and the particles smaller than 10nm. Argyria occurs when the silver is in the form of a compound and used extensively. Traces of silver are found in food, water, grains and milk and it has been found that their is a receptor site for silver in the myelin neural tissue. Silver sulfadiazine is used to treat and prevent infections in severe burns.

    The document says that it is not FDA approved, well that might be that it competes with antibiotics or other drugs, and you can't patent silver. As far as I know NDT remains unapproved by the FDA - but perhaps I am wrong about that.

  • Perhaps you would share with us some links on the positive benefits of silver?

    I found a paper on silver and myelin. But it refers to low level toxicity of nano silver.

  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, visitors kept me away from the computer. I don't currently have any links to share, my research was done nearly 2 years ago and since then I have a new computer so all the bookmarked links have gone.

    The study in your link is based on oral administration over a prolonged period - not something I was advocating by using Sovereign colloidal silver, when needed. No doubt you can induce adverse results by administering too much of anything, even water, especially when your target lab rat would never have been exposed to that much silver in its natural habitat.

    As we all know - whatever answer you seek to discover, you can easily find it. There are hundreds, or even thousands of sites and I would never use the claims of a manufacturer to make a decision.

    Continued on next post

  • Forgot to mention earlier, the document to which I posted a link says:

    Colloidal silver may interfere with the body’s absorption of the following drugs: penacillamine, quinolones, tetracyclines, and thyroxine.

    Doesn't it strike you as sensible to consider the possible interaction of thyoxine and silver (possibly T3 and silver as well?) given the context of posting on a thyroid forum? Or at least let others be aware?

  • Yes, I did notice that on the link, but quite honestly I had never come across any reference to it during the time I was researching. I have just found the following link but as I said before you can always find the answer you are looking for.

    I am well aware I am on a Thyroid forum, but the poster had asked a question which was not thyroid related. As an administrator it is quite right that you should flag up the connection with thyroxine - but I am not convinced that one link actually proves the connection.

    If I had known about any possible connection to thyroxine I would had said so, I am not completely irresponsible. I make up my own mind about everything that appears on this site because its not the absolute final word. I will desist in future.

  • I used to think exactly the same way you do, but then I developed nasal polyps and Neilmed Sinus Rinse (see: ) was recommended as part of my treatment. The kit comes with a special bottle and pre-prepared sachets of the salts which are very easy to use and, quite honestly, I couldn't do without it any more. I would recommend it to anyone now.

  • NatChap I use a facial sauna with Eucalyptus Oil in it. Works a treat. Wish you well. I have the same at the moment and my husband is still suffering after 12 days. I don't expect to suffer for as long as I am a woman.

  • Haha, we deal with much worse than I cold eh?! Hope you and your husband are feeling better soon too! I have bought some olbas oil as it was all I could get today but I'm definately going to get some eucalyptus when I get chance.

  • NatChap I find Olbas Oil quite good too and the nasal inhaler is useful if you are out. I don't usually suffer with colds, but notice from fb that I had one the same time last year. Hope this won't be an annual occurrence!

  • Thanks for your suggestions everyone :-) I have just bought a saline spray for now as I need something straightaway but I will certainly look into the neti pot for future colds!! x

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