Test help please

Test help please

Morning Thyroid Angels, I hope you can help me with my latest test from BH. I am currently on 100 Levo and feeling ok except for a continuous sore throat, which doesn't clear, and hurts when I swallow. GP not interested. Have Hashi, been gluten free for 2 months now. Antibodies are reducing which I am pleased with, but TSH, and Free T4 are slightly out of range. I am not sure if I would be better doing 75 levo one day and 100 the next as 75 didn't feel enough but maybe 100 is too much? Please Can someone kindly let me know the conversion rate from my test as maybe I am still not converting well. My other thought is maybe reduce to 75 and add T3? I know my iron has gone down so I need to redress that. Any thoughts be gratefully received. I am feeling so much better than I was (thanks to this site) but still not right. I will see my GP but want to go armed with info. Thank you for your help in advance.

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  • The TSH is totally irrelevant, and the FT4 is only slightly over-range. But you obviously need it that way to get any T3 - which isn't quite mid-range. So, no, you still aren't converting very well. And, yes, reducing levo and introducing some T3 would be a good idea. :)

  • Thank you X

  • You're welcome. :)

  • Your RT3 is significantly raised, so extra T4 is not the way to go. RT3 is made by the body as a way to get rid of excess T4, and in your case that is coming from your levo. Others will know more, but my understanding is that RT3 also shows up on blood tests like normal T3, so your actual available T3 is much less than it seems. And it is probably the cause of your reduced TSH.

    I would guess the solution is to go T3 only, but others who have had high RT3 will know more.

  • Thank you. I think you're right and T3 only is probably the only way of bringing RT3 down, I am just not brave enough at the moment to do it. I am finding out more info and I will get there, the info on this site and help you get is amazing. Thank you for helping.

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