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Understanding daughters blood test

Understanding daughters blood test


As I've recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos and as my daughter has growth issues, I've tried to work out hers.

Her TSH is 3.22 (range 0.3 to 5) and FT4 is 14.9 (range 12-22). That was a few years ago and it's now gone up to TSH 3.7 Free T4 14. (same ranges).

Her IGFBP3 (SLIGHTLY HAEMOLYSED)2mg/l (1-3.8) IGF-1 12.6 NMOL/1 (SLIGHTLY haemolysed). Range 4 to 20. They also did a transglutaminase which was 0.00 ( range <4) so not got coeliac.

She's very irritable and anxious all the time and I know I'd need to get antibodies tested but I don't want her to have another blood test unessarily.

Does anyone think this is all ok?

In the pic of blood count there are a couple of results out of range but GO said it was all fine.

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That was meant to say GP not GO!


How old is she? Have her ferritin and B 12 been tested? Just for future ref, celiac is not a once for all test. She could develop the antibodies when she grows up. How low is she on the growth charts?


Thanks, I intend to have her tested again for coeliac as I'm gluten intolerant but tested negative for coeliac.

Her ferritin is 46 and b12 is 500.


So B12 is good, I assume without supplementation. But ferritin may be low. How old is she, started periods yet, underweight?



She's stopped growing now as her bone age advanced 2 years quicker than her actual age. I still worry there's something underlying that's caused it. As I now have Hashmotos, it's made me review the tests she had in case something has been missed.

She's always been slim but definately not underweight.

I thought her ferritin was quite low and so was her PCT, but Doctors don't seem to think it's a problem. And as you said, her B12 is fine.

Thanks for your comments


Your daughter's B12 result (500) may not be high enough for her. On the PAS forum we see that people vary considerably in their need for B12, and a serum 500 result would be low enough to prompt parenteral treatment if, for example, you lived in Japan, or India.

The reason I'm pointing this out is because of the MCV result you've posted. It is very high in range, and it only needs to be slightly over it to raise a strong suspicion of macrocytosis (macrocytic anaemia), which is related to a lack of cobalamin at cell level, or poor metabolism of cobalamin. Both situations are relatively common in the presence of thyroid disorders.


Thanks. That's really useful. I can't help thinking that no one has put all her results together to form a real view😕

When she has another blood test I want to insist on testing all possibilities at once as I don't want to stress her out with multiple testing.

That's why I want to do all I can to build a picture.

Thanks again

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Holistic medical appraisals are rare in mainstream medicine, though that wasn't always the case.

Good luck with further testing, and if you have questions about your daughter's B12 status and possible links with ill-health, you could also post on the Pernicious Anaemia Society's (PASoc) forum on HU. Quite a lot of us are members of both forums!


I've actually just realised that her newer blood results from last year says MCV is 96.7 (range 78-100) and her MCH is above range at 33.8 plus her red blood cell dist width is below range at 11.2%. I think I need to take a list of things I want testing to the GP. She gets so tired but is also quite restless.


It might be a good idea to get everything you want tested down on paper, with reasons for each request. Or perhaps send it all in letter form ahead of the appointment, so the GP has more opportunity to digest your concerns beforehand.


I meant to add that your daughter's 'tired and wired' condition sounds like my own state before I took over treatment for Hashi's, low cortisol and PA.


Thanks. Glad to hear you're got yourself sorted. I have felt for a while that the 'tired and wired' thing could be linked.


I wouldn't say I was sorted exactly (other issues, like chronic viral infection), but I'm certainly not jumping with adrenalin nowadays. :-)


Suggest you get her antibodies checked and also vitamin D.

Have you tried her on gluten free diet ?


Her vit D is 70. I did try her on gluten free but she rebelled after a few weeks as she doesn't think she has a problem with gluten and it's too late for growth. She does have problems with getting a mouth full of acid sometimes and I think that's not good.

I will get her antibodies checked when she has another blood test.



The reason I keep asking how old she is ... how old is she? Is that ferritin ranges vary with age.


She's 14, but I think the range is adjusted for age.


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