Getting better on T3 / T4

Hi everyone. Its hard to believe its been five years since my initial post! It has been a long journey and I am just now getting my life turned around. I wouldn't say I am fully back to 'normal' yet, but I am definitely a lot better this past few months than I have been in a long time:) I would like to share what has been helpful (or not!) for me and hope that it may help someone else. I have tried the NHS and some of the private doctors and it didn't work for me. Like so many people, I was referred to various different specialists (endocrine, cardiac, respiratory, neurology, skins, etc). Even referred to school of dentistry for an enlarged tongue! The consultant wanted to take a biopsy of my tongue as he thought I may have some rare fat disorder (I refused!). So many symptoms all related to hypothyroid, yet nobody putting it all together. My health was gradually going downhill and if it hadn't been for this forum, I don't know where I'd be. I took early retirement about six months ago as I hadn't the energy left to do the job. The sleep problems were the worst. I would be exhausted, yet when I went to bed I couldn't sleep. I had a heavy feeling in my chest and neck and my tongue would fall to the back of my mouth. It was as if I hadn't got the energy left at the end of the day to breathe. Many times I would find myself "not breathing" and have to gasp for breath. It was a horrible and frightening feeling. I was being investigated for sleep apnoea, but am happy to say that my sleep has improved dramatically and I no longer have these worrying apnoea symptoms since I changed my thyroid meds. Sleep is so important and if its not right, it can affect every aspect of your health. Through this forum, I got in contact with a private consultant in NI who prescribed T3. I had some problems initially in getting the T3 as the GP wouldn't prescribe it, however I now am able to obtain it (with the consultants letter) from a chemist in the south of Ireland. I am currently on 15 mcg T3 (Thybon) and 125 mcg Thyroxine. I have much more energy and am able to do simple things I hadn't done for years (like going for a walk). I don't feel the need to have a nap in the middle of the day (most days). I would say I am about 75% back to normal. The consultant says it will take up to 6 months to get the full effects as I have been so hypo for so long. Happy to share the consultant details if you send me a private message. I am also implementing other lifestyle changes, like gluten free and recently dairy free diet, in an attempt to regain more of my health. The dairy free diet especially has helped with a skin rash which I had on my lower leg and foot for about past 20 years. Sorry for such the long post. Wishing you all much health and happiness.

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The T3 25 mcg made an immediate impact (in a good way for me)...I wish I had brought it up to my Endo earlier (like 10 years earlier) but many of them use is it as last resort fearing cardiac side effects...which I had none.

Too sick to even read this all but glad you are doing well and I'm following now perhaps I'll feel better tomorrow xx

Thanks for sharing happy news!

Dougie may i ask if you split your t3 or take it all at once?

Thanks all for your likes and replies. Sorry you're not feeling well 'The Will of Jill'. I hope you feel better soon. Yes Nugoori, I split the dose between 10 mcg in the morning and 5 mcg in the afternoon. I take the morning dose upon waking and leave 30 - 45 minutes before eating. The afternoon dose about 2 pm and leave a gap of about an hour on either side with no food.

Wow im currently in thyroid hell so its great to hear a positive story. Starting to think i need T3 now. I live in Dublin so am curious to know where you got your T3??

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