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Help!.. tsh is low & ft3 is high

Tsh 0.02 (0.465-4.68)

Ft3 9.61 (3.56-9.35)

Ft4 10.75 (10.1-30.2)

I have been taking a combo of 25 mcg of t3

And 25 of thyroxine doing good even started to lose weight tht was one of the main problem... and i was taking 2.5 mg ldn......but before one week of monthly cycle started to feel horrible even my period delayed until i stopped t3/t4 combo.. and regain all the weight tht i had lost....plz help me adjusting my dose...TIA

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Well, it really doesn't matter how low the TSH goes, that won't affect how you feel. And it's not surprising if it's suppressed when you're taking T3.

Did you take your dose of T3 before the test? It's only slightly over-range. All you need to do is reduce your dose.


No i didnt take my dose before my test...


So, how long had you been on that dose before the test?


I had been on it for almost a month before test.. but i didnt take my dose on the day of test...


Well, it was too soon to test. You should wait at least 6 weeks.


Don't automatically think it is the hormones that's caused the problem, it might just be that your body is settling into a dosage. I shall give you a link which may be helpful. Chopping/changing doses might mean we will take much longer getting to a stable dose, i.e. symptom free.

Your combined dose of T4/T3 isn't too high and your symptoms might have been due to too low a dose. Of course, when increasing it must be gradual.

(I am not medically qualified and have hypothyroidism which was undiagnosed/untreated).


Thankyou so much...i'll read it for sure...


I did not feel well on Lower range of FT4 -10.1 after few days on T4/T3 and increased levo T4.

Weight loss starts when FT3 is upper range and hypo symptoms are reduced.


So what do u suggest to increase t4 or t3?


Iam sharing my experience.We all are different.

You need to check if T4 extra dose will help you feel better.T3 is already over range.



I recommend you reduce T3 dose to 12.5mcg (a half tablet) and retest thyroid levels in 6 weeks.


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