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What is best for high cortisol?

I have just ordered some Rhiodian and wondered if I have done the right thing.

In one review I have researched it states that there are no side effects and defo no palpitations and that it lowers cortisol, but having just done a search on here, I can see that some people are stating that it increases anxietly and higher cortisol so very confused??

I am now looking at ashwagandaha as an alternative............what do others think?

My saliva test back in January was showing high cortisol all day and extremely high first thing in the morning and at that time I was rarely sleeping.

I have improved sleepwise since until this week when I am struggling owing to ongoing stress (in court 3 weeks today to fight ex for my home)

2/3 weeks ago I cut my levo down from 150 to 100 and then this week to 50 as I started NDT a week ago, and going on Dr P protocol starting 1/4 grain for first week and to up to 1/2 grain next week I feel okay apart from very slight lightheadedness. I also take nutri thyroid 4 tabs per day which I will reduce when I increase the NDT.

I do have to be careful because of undiagnosed arythmia's ( I now have a permanent heart monitor implanted to try and determine what is going on) that make me pass out.

I am concerned that when I try to up the NDT next week I will fail to tolerate it as I think that I am making too much cortisol again.

Any help woul be appreciated. I am not considering Seriphos because of the cost. x

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Anyone out there that can give some advice pleeeeeeeeeeeese x


Hi Boo

You may find that you get a better response if your question is open -would you like me to unlock it for you? I'm also wondering about a slight change to the heading to give more info....




Hi Louise, not sure what you mean by 'open' and in ref to heading........? Not slept last night and rather dim witted this morning 'Yawn'

Boo xx


I'll change it for you - although if you still get no response, it may be worth posting a whole new question...



Is that an adaptogen? I've just been looking into adaptogens myself and happen to find these reviews on one from iHerb. I don't know anything about this particular one but It can be very informative so maybe it will help.



Hi Heloise. It is an adaptogen.

Your link takes me to a product that contains a mixture of adaptogens.

I was really looking for information relating to products with single ingredients as after ordering the Rhiodian I checked a few former posts on here and it seemed to cause unwanted problems/side effects in those guys that took it although maybe they had low cortisol as apposed to high.


I actually tried to Google that and found nothing. You don't mean Rhodiola, do you?

Well, whatever, I hope it works for you and the cortisol could make a difference.


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