T3 Strength - help please

hi All,

I have been suffering for 4 years being an under active, i was on levo in the start but then i actually gave up and start medicating myself , things improved a little when i was taking cynomel mexican brand but when they closed i have no choice but to try other brands . right now am taking unipharma t3.

acynomel was very strong and worked for me , can any body pm me the name of any other t3 brand which is strong as cynomel or at least similar please?

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  • Yaseen_173,

    Most people say Uni-Pharma is the closest to Mexican Cynomel. If Uni-Pharma doesn't suit you might try Tiromel but it probably isn't as strong as Cynomel or Uni-Pharma.

  • I Am thinking to get american cytomel but only 100 tabs are £252 , i dont know about the strength ?or the sigma t3??/

  • Yaseen_173,

    I think Cytomel is 25mcg. I'm not familiar with Sigma T3 but most European T3 is 25mcg.

  • Do you think that usa cytomel is strong ???

  • Yaseen_173,

    I've not tried it.

  • thanks clutter:-) appreciate your time:-)

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