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final endo visit

had an appointment with an endo on tuesday who is also researching thyroid diseases. hes refused to do any tests other then T4 and TSH he said theres nothing wrong and as long as i still have a funtioning thyroid it will remain borderline. I was so upset i rang my mental health worker who said if my neck pains and symptoms are not thyroid related they should still investigate.

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If you aren't a member of who are slowly trying to change attitudes of the Endocrinology you can join for £20 yearly and you get quarterly Magazine and up-dated info.

It's not compulsory but this is from their site and you can give it to the Endo. - highlighting FT3 - at the end of your consultation - I doubt he has time during the consultation and might dismiss it altogether.

You can also tell him that 'experience' of a condition is more valuable than inexperience as we are flesh/blood and not one person has identical experiences/symptoms of the illness. A print-out cannot possibly relate what our body is going through as T3 is the Active hormone required in all of our receptor cells and T4 is inactive and it's job is to convert. We, the patient, can tell our T3 is optimum because we feel well. If low we remain unwell.

Be kind and calm and don't bruise his ego and say he is your lifeline towards improved health. Say you are a member of the NHS Choices for information and advice on thyroid gland dysfunctions of which there are now 46,00+ members who wonder why they're still unwell with treatment.

Leave him a copy of the above page plus the first page of the link below.

We have to show them we now more than them as we are the sufferers and could be non-sufferers with the right dose and/or hormones.


Hi Joyce - he doesnt sound like much of a researcher then so I dont have much hope of thyroid knowledge to increase :(

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