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itching driving me mad

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Hi does anyone suffer with itching . I've always had a mild itch on my scalp and body that didn't really bother me but the past week I've had a few days where I itch all over and its driving me nuts then it calms down to the odd itch and then days later comes on bad again . I started taking T3 a week ago , quarter of 25 and just increased to half of 25 , have I increased to quickly , just wondered if it could be the T3 but I used to itch a LITTLE before I started taking T3 but not as bad as this . Any advise would be great .

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Might be the fillers which don't agree with you. Try taking an antihistamine at the same time as your meds.

Xx. G

thank you . I have took antihistamine but not at the same time as the meds

Yes very unpleasant . Thinking about reducing T3 and see if it stops as I'm self medicating t3 as Dr wouldn't prescribe it only my 100 levo .....I know my T3 and T4 is low .

I get a lot of itching on my back, worse in the evenings. I'm on T3 only at the moment. On Cytomel the itching was unbearable, but now on UniPharma the itching isn't quite so bad. I'm resigned to having to put up with it. I don't want to take antihistamines.

I'm taking unipharma

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It can be worth working your way round all the over-the-counter antihistamines. Some work better for one precise issue than another - and simply swapping round sometimes helps.

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Or generics! Have bought some from Lidl quite happily.

Quite a decent list here:

But it doesn't clearly say which are over-the-counter and which are not.

I have itching on my top shoulder mainly at night so I take Benadryl 15 mins which works plus gives me a good night sleep too xx

I used to scratch the skin off my arms legs and just about anywhere else for years. It was worse at night and l ended up having to tape 2 pairs of cotton gloves on my hands whilst trying to sleep. After 9 years l had B12 checked it was low but not under range. I now take methyl B12 and the itch has gone!

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my itching is also most probably related to vitamin B12 and possibly iron as it started when i ran out of these and stopped taking any until my follow up blood results. once i begun supplementing again the itching stopped. all that remains is the dandruff that comes and goes..

Oddly ,too much B12 nakes me itch.

I have a chronic itching problem that started around the same time as the menopause (12 years ago) which, for some unknown reason, only needs an antihistamine every 3 days... They've done all sorts of allergy tests, all of which came back clear and yet the itching goes on! It absolutely drives me insane as when it starts up I end up scratching like a monkey in the zoo, and that just makes the itch worse and so it goes around until I take the antihistamine. I now get my Cetirizine Hydrochloride from ebay where I get 2x30 tablet packs for just £1.49 and make sure I have them on me at all times!

Hidden try piriton syrup Hun before bed as it can make you drowsy. I've have undiagnosed thyroid issues for years and the itching is unbearable sometimes. Piriton syrup is the only thing that works because it's instant and I'm guessing my GORD doesn't affect its absorption.

The tablets mostly have lactose as a binding agent which causes me itching so I'll take something for the thyroid itching only to start itching from the binder agent in the anti-histamine!

Good luck hun

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I have had all over torso itchiness and really bad itchy shins which has stopped since being on T3. My endo checked my shins too without prompt when he done a full body review, I was impressed.

Lots of clean filtered water and lots of vitamin C taken often during the day is always a good place to start. Listen to Dr Andrew Saul on You tube if you want to know more. Very safe. Vit C gets used up very quickly and passes out of the body. De hydration causes lots of problems and can take a few weeks of drinking a lot more to sort it out.

Itching can be related to detergents, lotions and medications, hard water, dust mite, etc. My itching seems to worsen in the evenings and when I go to bed. I'm now trying water softener tablets in my laundry to see if it helps. I'm probably also reactive to dust mite. All the suggestions to do laundry (bedding and clothes) at 30c or less, does not help. 😕

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