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Driving me up the wall


Can anybody help me..I itch all over, since I went through the change about 20yrs ago..skin,eyes ears..all dry..At the moment..I could scratch my skin off..and my scalp is doing my head in. been to doctors.prescribed 120mg Fexofenadine once a day..had bloods taken as well...Havent a clue what caused this to flare up...but I wish it would go..use doublebase cream on skin..on legs its not absorbing into my skin...

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Hi MARSRED, I have a friend going through the exact same thing plus a blotch on her breast which led to a biopsy. I can't tell you how many skin tests, allergy tests, creams, steroids, etc. etc. she has undergone. Problems with the skin originate in the gut almost always (excepting poison ivy and such). I blamed her gut problems on the fact she was on acid inhibitors for many years. I also blame the fact she had her gall bladder removed. Some of her tests are the type that look for HIV, they found nothing. I thought it fit the symptoms of discoid lupus but doctors disagree but they know very little about autoimmune disease. I've posted some entries about Serrapeptase which is an enzyme that works on cleaning the blood of fibrin and immune proteins you do not want. I think the body is trying to get rid of toxins and we don't have as many enzymes when we age to keep up. Neem is also something you could look into which may help.

MARSRED in reply to Heloise

Thank you very much for your help..havent a rash...want to scratch..but cant.xx

Heloise in reply to MARSRED

She doesn't have a red rash but she feels tiny bumps like goosebumps in some areas. Her scalp does have very sore spots and from scratching has caused sores. I do think this is part of the immune system problems.

I've recommended taking unfiltered apple cider vinegar with meals, just a teaspoon or two.

Dr. Mercola recommends this: curative power of apple cider vinegar for an amazing number of ills. “ACV” (as it’s sometimes referred to in studies) has been praised for its ability to balance your pH, increase good gut bacteria and help control your weight, as well as many other beneficial things.

Here’s the kicker: All those are true, and more besides. One of the most sensational is its ability to balance your blood sugar. A study1 at Arizona State University tested 11 volunteers with type 2 diabetes (diagnosed by a doctor) who weren’t taking insulin but continued taking their prescription medications.

Each participant took 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a snack — an ounce of cheese — before bedtime. The researchers demonstrated that in the morning, the study subjects had lower blood sugar readings than when they had the same snack with 2 tablespoons of water.

Hi Marsred. This has happened to me twice in the last few years. Biopsy/bloods could find no cause. Rigorous skin care eventually sorted it out.

Shower with Eucerin 5% Urea replenishing body wash, then generous amount of Balneum Plus Cream.

Scalp - don’t let conditioner come into contact with scalp, so if Hair is short, stop using it. At night, liberal application of olive oil, rub into scalp. Leave overnight then gently use very fine comb to lift skin flakes. Wash out with your normal shampoo.

I did have to resort to steroid cream when rash was at its worst but used it sparingly and stopped as soon as improvement was seen.

Once it cleared up (4/5 months) I carried on with the above skin care routine and all is well. But if I don’t do it, the itch comes back in a couple of days.

Hope you are soon itch free.

MARSRED in reply to Stumpy57

Thank you so much for your help...feels like something is crawling under my skin...doctors dont understand...going to try body wash and cream what you recommended...anything is worth a shot..have been getting my hair bleached for a few months now...had no problems...got hair done before xmas..she put different dye on to kill the brassiness...and had to wash it out nearly every day to get my colour back.....think its that what set this off...I beleive its the conditioner as well..xx

Always ask for a patch test the week before treating ur hair....alergies can be very uncomfortable from hair products...they shpuld always do a patch test .

Have u tryed h r t patches ...or anti hystamines...im on both... does miracles. Ask ur gp to refer you to endocrine dept ... good luck... try having highlights with a cap rathet than anything touching ur scalp untill u are feeling better...your hairdresser should have offerd you this

I had appalling itching when I was overtly hypothyroid I would scratch my shins until they bled and used to feel like insects were crawling all over me. I still get bouts of itching but thankfully nothing quite as bad as that. It seems to move around and reminds me a little of the pain I got with shingles. I have read it can be cytokinins being released into the blood but it is not well understood. I’ll see if I can find a helpful article I read on it and post it for you.

I don’t want to be alarmist but itching can be a sign of lymphoma - several members of my family have had it so that is how I know.

I found cetraben a godsend I use it like a soap/shower gel and lather it on if my skin becomes dry it is rapidly absorbed and I found anything else made matters worse and caused skin reactions, It seems to help the itching - if all else fails I take an antihistamine which knocks it on the head.

I am sorry you are suffering with it it is really unpleasant.

Try frankincense oil and coconut oil mixed fifty fifty also aloe Vera is good

Also gluten can cause itchy skin. Do you have coeliacs by any chance

Dry skin and itching is often my first sign that somethings going wrong thyroid-wise. My feet this week were like cheese graters (!) and when i reached the point one day when I could scarcely move for exhaustion realised that the calcium I had started taking for osteoporosis was interfering with absorption of my levo. Have juggled all hormones and supplements again and I am now on the mend. I also second whatnpeople say about toiletries - use very few and organic products if possible.

TSH110 in reply to Valerie0106

Valerie0106 I think the cetraben is inorganic mineral oils - the stuff in it sounds bad - but my doc said this was why it did not cause reactions. The compounds do not have any carbon in them.

Valerie0106 in reply to TSH110

Yes I use it on my bits because I have lichen sclerosus - has been very good at soothing and not causing reactions.

TSH110 in reply to Valerie0106

Valerie0106 I had a friend who got that, it does not sound very nice - glad the cetraben quells it.


A couple of days ago the tops of my hands started itching. I applied a paste of oatmeal and water. Oatmeal has a property that relieves itching. Of course this isn't getting at the cause of the itching, but gives relief. I'll continue this treatment but if this itching persists I may need to see a doctor. Hope this info helps a bit

TSH110 in reply to karenmo

karenmo when I lived in Africa many moons ago I got a lot of heat rash (nasty) and tropical soap cleared it really fast - the key ingredient was oatmeal. You can’t get it here in uk but I do put oatmeal in a gauze bag and dangle it in the bath sometimes to sooth my skin which I had forgotten about

I had awful pruritis for over 20 years. It started about a year into treatment with thyroxine. It was alleviated when eventually I switched to liothyronine and got up to a high dose (very slowly). I think that starting self-treatment for my pernicious anaemia, allowing much more frequent B12 injections, has also helped. It still flares up from time to time, with all the characteristics that TSH110 describes so well.

Another thing that can help if dry skin is contributing to itching, is to increase your intake of vitamin D3. I take 2000 IUs daily, but decided to increase it to 4000 around September last year. My skin condition has improved a great deal since then.

Check out if it is MI ALLERGY mi-free.com

Heloise in reply to Afshan64

I've never heard of this. thanks for pointing it out.

Afshan64 in reply to Heloise

I found out I was allergic to this compound after having a skin patch test. Before that I was getting awful rashes on my arms, eyes, hands, everywhere. Never could figure out what it was. Since I found out about MI and cut it out I’ve never had those problems again. It was in everything shampoo hair products skin care products Nivea sun cream baby wipes washing powder, slowly I removed it from my life . So it really is worth checking this out as apparently it is an increasing problem reaching epidemic levels....and actually I think people with autoimmune issues more likely to develop this allergy. Good luck!

I suffered much the same after every shower or bath, skin itched and burned. GP couldn't help so I started taking an anti histamine daily. I also started putting Aloe Vera gel on my skin as one would apply after sun cream. It works for me.

MARSRED in reply to Dicktwo

Anything is worth a try...Thanks.xx

Hi, I thought my itching was my menopause as well & I was prescribed anti-histermine which did not help at all, then by chance I had to stop one of my meds & the itching stopped, I never thought that it could be one of my meds. Hope you find out what it is & my reply is some help to you, Tx.

MARSRED in reply to Sparkle13

Anti histermine has helped a little..but my scalp is still itchy and sore...may get blood results tomorrow...most likely they will be normal..Thanks for your kind help.xx

Folic acid helped me dr. Prescribed 1mg once a day


Marsred@ I'm having the same issue as you I itch like a mad women. I have red welts on my back and side and my chest I can't figure out what the issue is since I haven't changed or eaten anything different.

I hope you get answers and post them.

Blood results back.Thyroid normal..sugar level up...told doc I still have itch mainly on my scalp..and think it may be the hair conditioner...have to use a tiny bit conditioner or my hair feels like straw...have to continue with antihistamines....if it doesnt get any better have to go and see him...hope it soon settles...as would like to scratch my head.but its sore.....

Thanks everyone for your kind replies...much appreciated.xx

I had this itching for years, drove me nuts! I had a Saliva Cortisol test, and found out that I had severely low cortisol in the am, very low at 12 pm, low at 4pm and a high at night(insomnia for 8 yrs 😢😢). Since treating my low results I do not get the itching anymore. I've also treated my high result as well, of course. I was nearly 17 yrs into menopause when this occurred. I also suffered from terrible night sweats at the same time. 😩

little bumps like goosebumps indicate the need for vitamin A, try liquid codliver oil first thing in the morning or last thing at night, a teaspoon mixed with milk. The milk emusifies it so it simply tastes like a creamy drink, not unpleasant at all. I think the body is short of one of the necessary oils which is why the skin itches. Try things like sesame, olive, or wheat oil etc. if this doesn't work. Well worth exploring. Vheers, Maje

It seems rather worrying to me to ask us what this is It can make you paranoid all others ideas on what's wrong with us all.. I've never been sure about using this site to ask about symptoms, I always seek professional advice if you can get it that is. I haven't read all the comments, but have you got very dry eyes and dry throat and mouth and nose all dried up as well as your skin and hair?

I have Fibromyalgia and the rhuemy asked me when I went once years ago when I said my mouth was very dry and kept getting thrush and sore tongue, if my eyes were also dry. They were and he said I don't think your pain and fatigue comes from just fibromyalgia, you have Sjogren's syndrome!!!

Big smile !!!

Not very much known about this I feel, and I didn't really want to know and up until now not been too much of a problem, but it is NOW, very bad. I was unable to take the plaquenil anti malaria, he prescribed, made me very ill.

If you are very stressed, as I am now, having lost a close family member over Xmas and New Year, and all sorts of other crap kicking off, it will dry you up. Drinking loads I am and weeing loads, worried I have diabetes, as i know I'm borderline.

I've lost a lot of my hair too and have to wear wigs which drive me nuts in summer, and Winter sometimes.

I keep saying my thyroid is up the creek, lost under arm hair years ago, never had much, eyebrows non existent, but all the results come back normal.

This, I've read is because the range that the NHS use to detect abnormalities is wrong.

Read about it in a book called The Great Thyroid Scandal and how to survive it.

I couldn't cope with reading it when I ordered it from the library, but may give it another try. Barry Petefield has clinics in London and Bristol I believe. I did get in touch years back.


I do have dry eyes.and dry mouth....which I beleive is due to my tablets.....was diagnosed a dehydrated diabetic few yrs ago. what that means I havent a clue.....took one tablet at night....had to rejoin WW...and join gym...after I lost 23lbs...was told I was no longer diabetic...bloods are tested after my birthday...I also get stressed as I am my husbands carer..as he is disabled..and cannot walk too far..and therefore has a wheelchair...for out and about..

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