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My doctor drives me mad.


Well once again my levels are normal but my symptons are getting worse each day. My doctor has told me no increase in levo. No referal, no t3 blood test. I havent got adrenal fatigue and I should eat less.

Can someone please pm me a link to a site they have used that sells T3 please? Xx

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Yvetteorourke, it would be wise to check your FT4 and FT3 levels before self medicating. You can order home test finger prick thyroid tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via

What is your TSH result and how much Levothyroxine are you prescribed?

Being a single parent I'm a tad short of cash at the moment with my son's birthday coming up so I don't think I will be able to afford a private test.

The doctor reduced my Levo to 75mg about 6 weeks after my son was born But I don't know what my tsh levels are as I have to apply to my doctors in writing to obtain any information on my Tests :(

Yvette, ask for the TSH results. It's no good self medicating without knowing what your results are to start with and periodic blood tests will be required to guide your dosing.

I have applied in writing for my results but they said they can take upto 28 days!!!!

Yvette, some practices are such hard work :x


I despair! If you go to your surgery reception are they unable to call up your blood test results on screen and send them to the printer to be printed out?......

Why does it take 28days? ......I've never heard of this before.

yvetteorourke in reply to Hidden

The old receptionist used to tell me over the phone. When I was pregnant they was in my book so I saw them but now they are being a pain. The new receptionist is apparently just following protocol. It's a pain!!

Me too, despairing!....the receptionist looked at me a bit oddly when I asked for my results to be printed...but...even in this back of nowhere area, duly printed them for me there and then. Is there some legal stuff that says you have to apply in writing etc.?

Legally you can ask to see your records at any time. When my new results come In I am going to make an appointment with the practice manager I think.

Good idea, hope it goes ok for you.

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