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Crossover of symptoms, hot flushes driving me mad!


I know meno and hypo symptoms cross, like the bodies inability to control temperature.

At the moment all my bloods vitamins etc have come back OK so meds should be optimum (75mg Levo).

I suffered hot flashes for the last 3 years or so, my GP recommended red clover and soy isoflavines! I tried black cohosh which gave me stomach pains, then I read about sage, for a while this worked so I stupidly stopped taking it, now I have been back on it my flashes haven't abated, I can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep, I have a water aerosol I have to keep spraying throughout the night. I also do this at work, my colleagues joke about it 'having another do are you'? but I'm just so fed up. Last time I talked to GP she just said I was 'stuck between a rock and a hard place' as she said I couldn't have HRT, too risky for me.

I have taken my temp first think in the morning, it's bordering on artcic, so I'm just so confused if this is meno or hypo?

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I unfortunately can't answer your question as I have a similar dilemma.

I haven't been diagnosed yet as being hypo but am waiting to get private bloods done where I can get a full thyroid panel done. If I go through the GP, like last time, they only test TSH and this is of no use to me. I have lots of symptoms that lead me to believe that I may be hypo.

I am also peri menopausal. I was told 3 years ago at the age of 40 that I was entering peri menopause. I have been taking a supplement that worked for me for a good while but recently it appears to have stopped being effective and I'm not sure why. I am kept awake all night with hot flushes, feeling itchy all over and generally can't get any rest. During the day the flushes are more frequent and along with my other symptoms, life is starting to become unbearable. I really do sympathise with you.

Hypo and Meno symptoms, from what I have read are so similar and dealing with Dr's who have no interest or knowledge in these areas leave us feeling awful and more confused than ever before.

The supplement that I have been taking has very good reviews and is very reliable and I am not sure if it is my thyroid that has overtaken the relieving symptoms of the flushes but if you want to know the name of the product, please private message me, it may be worth a try?

Good luck in finding the answers

Ritaritarita in reply to Luna

I take BENEDRYL for the itching. Think I am past menopause, but still get hot flushes but more so in the day, especially after I eat. Used to be so bad, started NDT and I feel much better. X

In similar circumstances I increased Levo myself. If it diminished the flushes, I assumed I'd done the right thing. Around menopause the thyroid dose has to be just right (for you, not necessarily the test), or there are dreadful meno symptoms.


Blood test results do not always correspond with optimum medication.

Optimum medication should mean we feel normal health regardless of blood tests. That's how patients were treated before the blood tests came into force. We were medicated until our clinical symptoms went. Pity they don't do that nowadays.

I think soy is contraindicated when on levothyroxine. Plus the fact that menapause has complicated things.

If you get a copy of your thyroid gland blood test results with the ranges, maybe you will get comments on them.

I am not diagnosed with hypo but I have cold sweats which drive me mad (I have fibro and am premenopausal) I have to change my tops at least once a day. I would like to know if you find anything that helps and am interested why you're not allowed HRT as I avoid that too. My GP did suggest oestrogen patches but as I had a bad reaction to the pill years ago I won't take them. However, she's said I am low risk now as my blood pressure is bang on normal (it used to be high) but I never want hbp again.

Nothing helps...........I was hoping I could get some ideas here. She didn't elaborate on why I couldn't have HRT probably just her opinion, tbh I don't want to take as I have heard about the risks involved. I have had about 7 at work today, drove me mad!

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