Need advice please

For those who don't know I'm Hashimotos, left undiscovered for 20years + although for ten years I did know I was hypothyroid and just left on T4 by dr.

After discovering this website my journey into knowledge began!

I'm now on NDT which is lowering my cholesterol already. I'm absolutely gluten free, hardly any dairy, caffeine, spice, potato, tomato as all have massive inflammatory responses or cause pain.

I'm still really suffering with very swollen breasts and are very sore like mastitis. I'm 49 and have had early menopause as hysterectomy at 40 and only have one ovary left anyway so it's odd. I obviously have excess oestrogen. The mammogram people can't read them as apparently they are very active.

So my question after a very long ramble is does anyone have any info about excess oestrogen and thyroid? What other things does excess oestrogen cause. What can I do about it?


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  • Kate,

    Sex hormone imbalances are common in women with thyroid issues as the ovaries and uterus need proper amounts of thyroid hormone as much as any other organ or system.

    If you still have one ovary, you could still be producing oestrogen and progesterone. Breast tenderness can be a sign of an elevation in either. Think of sore boobs just before our periods and that is elevated progesterone.

    John R Lee thought oestrogen dominance to be behind many cases of midlife hypothyroidism, when oestrogen is not properly counterbalanced with progesterone. When ACTH (pituitary gland) can't get our poor over worked adrenals to produce adequate cortisol, oestrogen is secreted instead. Elevated levels then bind with thyroid hormone carriers stopping it from reaching peripheral receptors and also binding to any last bit of available cortisol (cortisol-binding globulin) and prevents new from the adrenal cortex.

    After thyroid meds not working quite right, I thought I would be oestrogen dominant which is hugely more common but comprehensive testing showed I was extremely deficient in both. Long tern thyroid issues mess everything up.

    Many find the transdermal creams are enough to rebalance missing hormones but I am now on bioidentical HRT and it has been a life saver. Ask your GP to test all sex hormones to see what is going on. Otherwise I can supply details of my private testing.

  • Really interesting thanks. I've got a private endo,I'll get him on the case although sometimes I think I know more than him!

    Oestrogen and progesterone are definitely out of whack so would be good to get sorted and my adrenals. My husband would also be pleased as I have zero libido! I'm not really minding that haha

  • I'm sorry you are another who was undiagnosed plus the distressing symptoms you now have, even now being on levothyroxine.

    This is a link which I hope is informative and helpful.

  • Really helpful thanks :)

  • I used serenity projesterone cream and it sorted out the sore boobs.....

    Heres the link....


  • Great thanks, I've had to buy the most structural bra ever as I ride horses and it's agony haha x

  • I use a Panache, underwired sports bra. I work as a gardener, so can be bending, pulling, pushing. I'm a 38e so i need them to stay in place all day. Best sports scaffolding i have found.


  • I am female, age77, when I was 73 I had a try of NDT, it increased my boob size (painful as I'm naturally small there) and I also had a sort of "mini period". needles to say I stopped NDT but it made me realise how hormones all linked. Boobs shrunk back and no more "period" signs after a few days. Just goes to show how we are all different, I'm fine on levo. only tried NDT out of curiosity... well you know what is said about that!!!

  • Haha thank you.

    Hmm can't stop NDT as it's really helped me, I guess I'll just have to put up with large sore boobs, bah!

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