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FREE THYROXINE 16.54 pmol/L 12.000



FREE T3 4.65 pmol/L 3.100



these are my latest from medicheck I told them what I'm trying to achieve tsh below 1 and free t3 higher and he suggested I need to raise my dose .

how much should I raise it ? and should I stay on t4 only still?


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  • I'm on 100 of levothroxide at the moment

  • vivienneferreira I'm not medically qualified but I would say there is room to raise by 25mcg Levo. That should raise your FT4 which should raise your FT3 (your conversion ratio T4:T3 is good at 3.55 : 1) and I think they may stay in range, and it should lower your TSH but that may become suppressed. If you're not happy to go the full 25mcg try 100mcg/125mcg alternate days to average 125mcg.

  • Thanks, does it mater if it's fully suppressed? I'm still feeling quite tired so I think it does need a bit more

  • No, not to the patient but doctors don't seem to like it!!

    As far as Thyroid tests go, it is FT3 that is the most important one and that should be kept in range.

    See how you go and retest at some time to see what effect the increase has had. As your conversion appears to be good you may be one of the lucky ones who gets on well with just Levo.

  • My problem will probably be trying to get the extra pills of the doctor I have some extra ones for the moment

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